An absolutely must read interview

For those of you who have not seen it, the lengthy (10,000 word) interview conducted by the Jerusalem Post Editor-in-Chief David Horovitz, with Professor Asa Kasher is absolutely compulsory reading for anyone seeking an understanding of the standard of morality under which the IDF operates.
Kasher, who teaches philosophy at Tel Aviv University, co-authored the first IDF Code of Ethics. The interviewer, David Horovitz, assumes the role of the devil’s advocate and skillfully leads Kasher to respond to questions impinging on the blood libels and condemnations of alleged IDF behavior during the Gaza war upon which the Goldstone Report was based, which to this day are still being promoted to demonize Israel and portray its soldiers as war criminals.
Kasher has previously written and lectured extensively on the subject. But the straightforward manner of his responses in this interview is particularly compelling and comprehensible. They utterly repudiate the libels and expose the bogus ethics employed by those seeking to slander the IDF by challenging its morality and humanity.
The interview is the most effective demolition of the slanders directed against the IDF I have ever read. In clear terms it enables those with an open mind to learn what really happened in Gaza and understand the truth. It convincingly demonstrates that despite the obscene distortions still being repeated this very week in the far left daily Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the IDF is undoubtedly the most moral military force in the world and could well serve as a role model for the army of any Western democracy seeking to minimize innocent civilian casualties. I urge you to read this interview, distribute it and file it for future reference.
The Foreign Ministry should circulate this document to all its envoys throughout the world and ensure that it is widely distributed to lawmakers and government officials. Organizations engaged in pro-Israel advocacy should do likewise and ensure that their activists read the interview.
It should also be compulsory reading in every Jewish day school and distributed to members of synagogues and other Jewish organizations. It ought also be translated into Hebrew and used as a text in Israeli high schools.
In addition to making an unassailable case displaying the morality of the IDF it should make every Jew, Israeli and supporter of Israel proud in the knowledge that the Jewish army practices a code of ethics that every country could benefit by emulating.
Read it now and distribute as widely as possible
Happy Pesach – Chag Sameach