Dating Jerusalem

I had heard so much about her it felt like we were childhood friends. 
And after feeling so close to her throughout the years, singing songs and reading stories about her, I felt I was ready to meet her.
The first meeting was to take place as a group date, and I was happy about that, It made sense not to go alone, these people knew her already and they could guide me through her mazes and landmarks. 
And so, very anxiously I prepared myself for the date. I was mentally and spiritually aware of the meaning of this meeting and I didn't want to disappoint her.
My first impression was absolute awe. She was beautiful, stunning indeed. And so majestic and, oh, she had such an old soul...
But maybe too soon, my friends were having fun and really enjoying the hiking, only I was too shy to join the water fight happening next to me.. after all, this was Jerusalem. We had deep conversations too, she brought up all her hidden underground tunnels and passages, we really went there... 
Then she showed us her kotel, at this point we were all serious, after all, that's her most precious treasure.. she's been through so much... and that wall showed it. We could only stir to show respect. And we prayed. I didn't touch the stones though... It felt inappropriate, too soon?
Unfortunately we had to go back to Tzfat after what felt like a five minute date. I saw her a couple of times after that first encounter, on my way to meet another city, or for a short visit. And I thought about her often, but we never developed a real relationship.. maybe I was too young, maybe I had to meet New York, Sao Paulo, and Mexico city before going back to her... Don't get me wrong, they're all great cities, to each their own... but as for me... In the deep chambers of my heart I never stopped thinking about her.
And so I set foot again on a familiar path, and I'm as anxious as the first day I saw her, but I'm older, and wiser, and a little shy still... but full of hope.