A different day

 Today was a nice day for me to not dwell on World Violent topics but approaching a fresh outlook on the World. Global community is a good term to think of when coming together not only on Israel’s issues but the topic of Syria as well. Canada has accepted people of all nations through its borders without facing the problems Germany does have or which is said to take place in America.

I love my country even when not discussing politics or culture; my favorite topics. The lay of the land in Canada is exciting to view when crossing coast to coast which I have done several times in this life. Every area of Canada has something notable about it. The Rockies and the Canadian Shield with their rivers and lakes amaze me.

The Canadian Rockies
The Canadian Rockies
The Canadian Shield
The Canadian Shield

We border on the USA an exciting country for us to visit or stay in. With coming changes I feel the days of open borders are good memories while we still have a future of trust between countries. Something will always change in our lives despite being accustomed to our ways of living. The Holy Land will remain in the hands of trustworthy Israeli’s.

Having been in the USA several times never experiencing or seeing racism or violence makes me feel that some issues America is said to be known for doesn’t sound right. I wonder if I could find a way of speaking on topics such as Islamophobia or antisemitism the top two discriminatory topics in the news at this time. Would it be the same on a person to person level or would it show more in crowd violence?

Throughout the USA’s involvement in other countries which predates World War Two dictatorships have been their focus. Chile was one that went both ways depending on who held office. Venezuela suffers from embargo’s which affect the whole region especially its friend Cuba. The USA protects itself through trade agreements first before getting involved in military outcomes.

At one time food was a major topic to be in the news regarding UN projects while now it seems only Israel is in their media releases or at the very least the news which is followed. I would like to see hunger discussed once again as well as homelessness and water issues. I would like to see an end to antagonism in the media between politicians in Canada USA Europe or in big government such as UN or EU.

Here in Canada bullying is a topic which I follow and take notice of fairly often. I don’t see much of the topic in government releases for some time now. Child poverty and maternal health were discussed fairly often in Canadian news. In Canada there are many children in care because of social issues which affect families. Canada having a place for children affected by family violence drug issues or economic reasons is still a great point of pride for me.

Right now the current government is in the news as being attacked on all sides for many reasons. I myself would rather enjoy watching the news rather than feel angry after viewing it. I don’t feel I support online attacks of officials from any party, but challenging politicians on points of legislation is a different matter. Online harassment is a growing topic which leads to jail or cultural issues which are noticed. 

There are anti-Israel demonstrations showing up all over the world including on the grounds of Canadian institutions. I support freedom of speech if it doesn’t violate another person’s civil rights which is being ignored more these days. Jews are nice neighbors and that I know first-hand having lived in North York.

To sum up today’s article I would like to see politicians censor their own behavior before going into media online or front page. That is not because I am angry at them because I am not. Just yesterday it seemed like Canada USA Democrats Republicans Liberals and Conservatives stood behind the President's response to attacks on civilians which no world leader was addressing.

Hillary Clinton seemed to endorse the response but is encouraging a broader response which I feel is coming. The President spoke before anyone else did without consulting the UN which most likely would never address Syrian violence. America has found it needs to come together on issues before the unrest spreads to North America. Hopefully, someone with influence will take note of and agree with this post.