Charlottesville is a beautiful city with good attractions

 There is an outstanding African American actor that said never talk race which is most definitely a good policy depending on most situations. Now, it's not race discussed but hate which isn't only a race issue because it just can't be. I don't feel discrimination can only be about differences in others it most likely is some personal failing or topics which someone couldn't discuss at home which entered the public eye.

I have been exposed to hate off n on throughout my life sometimes it seems to be by people who would appear familiar. 

Hate can fit into cities but not mainstream society such as we are seeing erupt around the USA with groups which show up from around the world to converge on Southern Cities. The USA which I visited seemed more welcoming to me than that. I loved visiting America when I had the chance seeing war memorials in the North not having traveled to the South ever. I visited Western and Northern cities as well as Bangor ME.

Speaking to police officers in the USA was fun to have the opportunity for me to see the government of the USA or Washington. Washington is nice having considered moving to Seattle at one time when I had a chance despite being Canadian. Canadians were welcome in Washington then despite some political disputes from time to time. We don't pay attention to those political discussions in the news, do we? Or, do we pay attention to political disputes?

I don't remember how many times my ears have heard don't discuss religion or politics. The topics of religion and politics being negative could have been mentioned to me the first time by a friend of the family. What are friends anyways because I feel we should consider neighbors as friends? Unless some issues which can't be solved arise should we expand our ideas of friendship? Today recognizing friends isn't easy because so many times I heard having one friend in a lifetime is good.

Many times I have friends then we would lose interest in being friends, but the change took place by meeting these people who enter our lives. Does it matter if the friends were of a different race? I don't think it matters when we look distinct from each other. I feel the same about many people feeling grateful to have some company in my midst.

After being exposed to race and hate, I felt I would write more about topics such as this if I could find a way to be appropriate without causing more issues. I have spent some time with the African and Asian communities enjoying different foods and cultures. For my own culture, I feel that I'm multicultural not particularly identifying myself as belonging to the White race. I don't care about my race I care more about religion and spirituality or self-development.

For this article, I don't want to mention current events in the media or political people or media figures individually. I would rather be like the generalizations which don't cause issues not narrowing down or saying I identified the issues. The issues are broad when stupid behavior causes what I have seen currently in media. Just look at the date today and type in daily events not needing to mention bloodshed.

These groups looking for recognition will get their recognition despite it not being an accomplishment. White or other hate organizations gathering or working behind the scenes to hurt people is going to challenge as mentioned by the governor of Virginia. He made a real appeal to the public media and other figures in politics without looking for personal recognition even though he was excellent in the news.

My articles will most likely never reach that many people as he did but I feel the need to express myself to others. I faced discriminatory topics right in the face often which can be hard to bear.

I don't like to watch real violence in the news stories especially the unedited ones who show up on social media broadcasts or uploads. Seeing graphic videos don't make me identify with the victims better it hurts my conscience. I don't have any of that content saved for any purpose.

Websites which harm people or contribute to harm others should be flagged for investigation especially when you look at recent events or how people find each other for hate purposes. I don't mention the websites which are currently directly spreading hate or violence. We all know they are out there and we can learn to look for them or avoid or not notice in any way.

There are major investigations undertaken into hate or violence topics which never enter the public spotlight. I have seen emails of hate surveys in the USA which lead to charges against individuals for conspiring for those purposes like gangs network for drug dealing. Drugs are a motive or a method of acquiring what it takes to undertake large scale violence. I don't like drugs or do drugs or mention drugs often but drug dealers are into bad stuff such as other crimes with violence, or they may even influence hate.

During the recent presidential addresses regarding Charlottesville, I have seen on the web I felt he couldn't accurately describe the differences in groups which led to the violence or participated in the violence. Identifying the differences in Hate groups or other groups does require some modern day skill.

Seeing the differences in hate groups could be bad rather than referring to them as Hate groups. Hate is a narrowing down of opinion a trait of narrow-mindedness that doesn't need glamorization or glorification. Please reject all forms of Hate in your life or which show from the lives of others behaviors.