Give it up ISIS

During these dangerous times we can unfortunately look forward to many more horrifying events which will show up all over social and traditional media. We don’t need to fall victim to fear because we have more than faith to sustain our well-being. I myself can go for a walk around the track or cook a special meal for my family. There are many topics and activities to focus on which can keep us looking away from fear of the next events in the news.
Our thoughts and how much peace of mind we have are the most significant to establishing our view of mankind. We must have things which interest us including hobbies or good books etc. Giving up in the face of terror is not going to happen in North America Europe or on any other continent.
Blogging is my favorite hobby of all time including during my days of youth. Apparently, I am not that old yet because I have ideas which still fit into the modern age meaning I am relevant. Politics, religion and terror used to be mentioned in all my blogs but lately I have reduced that.
Getting sidetracked because of terror is one of the goals of those that inflict damage to unsuspecting citizens. Let’s stay on track not only as a response to terror but continue to stay relevant rather than moving back into the days of stonings. I have been on an ISIS site and it was just too ghoulish for me.
I read the book The Kite Runner and was not impressed by the Taliban who once were powerful now next to nothing. ISIS will go that route because they want to follow, not being leaders themselves, instead asking others to perform their attacks. 'Give it up' might soon become a trending hashtag for ISIS.
I was one of those Canadians that really felt sad for those who suffered from the Quebec Mosque attack. Islamophobia is something I have blogged about a lot but if we don’t address antisemitism as well then I say keep building settlements.
I watch with horror when Israel suffers any form of attacks in the name of land or religious faith. Subscribing to non-violence is one way of addressing fearful issues. Israel’s retaliation against terror which includes an ongoing defense plan does seem to be the only method I would support though.
The Iron Dome works for protecting innocent children who sleep soundly because of the known fact they are loved. If someone attacked my country's citizens like in the Mosque attack I respond by saying remove hate from the web, not to ignore it anymore.
We can all stop hateful attacks by deleting friends on social media who bully others, which is sadly commonplace, particularly for school-age children in North America. We can turn off the computer when we see morons who promote hate. I saw much online hate but turned it off for my well-being.
We must deal with ISIS or other terror gangs by treating them as online predators which law enforcement can deal with. We must protect our children by showing them the right way to be a human being. Give it up ISIS.