A GROUP of junior high school students are demanding the government fulfill its educational duty to
UK school textbook asks how creation of Israel was cause of 9/11 attacks

Publisher acknowledges problem, withdraws book from sale

Antisemitic graffiti found in London

Metropolitan Police are investigating the graffiti as "a racially motivated hate crime," according to the police force website, which noted that no arrests have been made at this time.

Journalists present at ground zero after 9/11 are getting cancer

Two spoke to CNN to tell other victims that compensation and treatment are available. One said that, while getting the story, you don't think that years later, "you're going to end up dying from it."

Second tower of the World Trade Center bursting into flames after being hit on Sept. 11, 2001
Jordanian columnist claims 9/11 planned by U.S. to benefit Israel

Abd Al-Hamid Al-Hamshari wrote that since September 11, the US has brought chaos upon the Middle East region, claiming that the America created Al-Qaeda and ISIS to serve the interests of Israel.

U.S. Justice Department to release name of shadowy figure in 9/11 case

U.S. prosecutors said in a court filing that Attorney General William Barr had decided not to invoke state secrets and will share the person's name.

Dr. Rami Levi (Left) welcoming VA Secretary Wilkie (Center) and his wife, Julia (Left), to FOZ
Veteran Affairs Secretary Wilkie Visits FOZ Museum

Israel erected the only monument of its kind outside of America to remember 9/11 with a complete name list of each of the 2,977 victims.

Ilhan Omar blasted by 9/11 victim’s son

It wasn't just that “some people did something" – “We are here today, Congresswoman, to tell you and the Squad just who did what to whom."

Second tower of the World Trade Center bursting into flames after being hit on Sept. 11, 2001
Israeli families commemorate loved ones lost on 9/11

The annual ceremony is held at the 9/11 Living Memorial Monument in Jerusalem.

Vice President Cheney with Condoleezza Rice, Karen Hughes and Mary Matalin in PEOC on 9/11/2001
New book records harrowing stories of witnesses, officials in 9/11 attacks

The vice president gave permission to shoot down an identified hijacked commercial aircraft. "Having seen what had happened in NY and the Pentagon, you really didn’t have any choice," he explained.

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