Message of Intent from Conservative World View

  One of the best ways to avoid criticism is to smile more often. Negative behaviors do not make you popular outside of negative communities. These communities I mention would be groups which have cronyism or group/gang mentalities. Growing up in any country can place you in hands reach of bullies.

Politics is a topic I post on actively from two blogging platforms; JPost blogs, and Ocean Mystic 12. This may change soon after the Conservative Party of Canada Leadership election ballots being counted on May 27th. I have already voted for Andrew Scheer the top contender who gained the most support of Canadian elected leaders.

I may build a new blog just for politics while using my JPost blog to speak of human interest stories. These stories could help contribute to an end of irrational bullying. Understanding points of view will be my topic sometimes covering human interest or human behavior often.

These topics may show a start from early age entry into gang mentality. I hope that coverage of topics such as this can lead to my own public personal agenda. This would address anti-Semitism racist and anti-cultural behavior. You can ask why I would undertake this when I seem to be a strong poster. I have faced isolation from others because of topics such as these including political belief.

On my other blog, I made a page which has short mention of the topic anti-bullying. On the side bar of my blog is what is called a blog roll. On my blogroll, I have many links to content which would address that subject. 

The anti-bullying campaigns which became many in North America had an effect for sure. These included songs from popular recording artists including Eminem. I have no doubt that we can influence many people in many ways by speaking up. Speaking up is the way to proper help when feelings of isolation creep in.

Bullies work by isolating victims from others that are potential help or support. Becoming a victim can lead to negative feelings of isolation which can be hard to escape without proper supports. Bullying works for the negative communities which foster those environments. Growing up feeling one had to be tough means you lived in one or more situations where there was intimidation. 

The top two discriminatory topics in the North American news are anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. Race issues which plague North America such as bigotry against African Americans never went away. Sikh people have faced much discrimination which I have seen first-hand in Canada many, many times.

The attacks with gun violence in North America and Europe seem to mostly be HATE fueled. Wishing or praying may not end violence despite the sense of peace it brings us. I pray for many reasons turning things over to God's will usually except for the times I ask for specific help.

Seeing Ivanka Trump in the news facing her detractors because of her family connections makes me feel women are really strong. I can't imagine myself being that picked on in Media social or otherwise. I don't know if she feels isolated by social media attacks which spread to some traditional media articles.

I don't know how people can get away with direct media insults or sending such negative trashy comments against the President's daughter. She may be one of the world's most beautiful women that could accurately represent anti-Bullying topics for women in media.

For many years I have looked for an agenda to bring forward somehow which includes the professional advice I received. Look to your own life as a source to draw upon for the main theme or idea to which I can best relate. Bring your cause forward in the best means possible. I took up blogging so now I'm here on JPost featured on the HOME PAGE.

My best political vehicle to launch a cause such as this may be by asking conservative politicians for help in reaching people with a good presentation. I am not a public speaker or good at personal communications of my own topics. I am a better writer because I get to see what I put out there before I do in my blogging before clicking publish.

In America, there is the Southern Poverty Law Center to look at articles I could draw upon possibly for ideas. I can't imagine going into a topic without having well-researched facts to consult. There are many organizations promoting tolerance and inclusiveness already but one custom fitted to work for my needs to be searched for.

Wrapping up this post I would like to publish my intent to bring forward in my communications. Peace Prosperity Love to be the allowable public religious quotations isolate only those who quote Hate. Hate if quoted needs to have repercussions for the Haters. 

Bring to the front those children and youth that contribute to the personal well-being of others. Encourage the arts and artists including public speakers who affect personal growth. Encourage during sentencing mental health treatments for those who commit crimes.

Political people should answer to good minded community organizations which foster personal growth for those facing challenges alone. Donate to youth programs which can become nationwide for the benefits of poor families. Task the political people to promote youth programs for public donations or media ads.

Support the political persons that don't divide cultures or communities. Help our leaders to find the people most likely deserving of representation. Include overlooked communities so racism or other culturally inflammatory topics get laid to rest one day. Support citizen blogging by reading and sharing content which is good for community projects including social projects.

Finally, I would like to ask teachers or other education connected persons to reject anti-Semitism from BDS or other like-minded unlawful organizations. Reject stereo-typing public gatherings for HATE groups or gangs which spread. I leave you with the salutation Shalom which I only learned the meaning of since becoming a JPost blogger and reader of JPost blogs.