New Conservative Party of Canada Leader Andrew Scheer

 Politics culture religion and other media topics are my favorite to write about. I look forward to contributing to a political movement someday possibly inspiring it myself. You may not see me run it but putting an idea together first would be exciting.

I look forward to meeting the new leader of the conservative party of Canada someday. His name is Andrew Scheer. He won because of fair play wise policy proposals and having been a strong Member of Parliament for quite some time.

 There is such confidence in him that I didn’t pick another candidate with just in case politics. I didn’t care if someone else had another candidate in favor or filled in all boxes for first second third choice etc.

Andrew Scheer won so I will follow him and post regarding him as often as I can. You may not see another politician come forward in the next ten years with such a middle of the road approach. He is inclusive with other conservative principles popular with other candidates. He will leave no member out of consideration considering his inclusiveness for all CPC members.

He will not move forward with campaign topics which led to the defeat of 2015. He will introduce legislation before and after the election of 2019. He will consult the membership and the public for opinion. He doesn’t do this for not having his own ideas and opinions he is considerate.

We don’t have much time to put together a campaign with volunteers funding media coverage and ground coordination. I am not worried because Andrew has the support in place with experienced team members already. I pray that his team can be as tireless as he was campaigning coast to coast on his published policies.

After looking him up on social media for how he was covered I began digging up background information before I blogged about Andrew. Blogging on political topics isn’t an easy decision though word choice or speed may be fast. I don’t always put everything I read into headlines for that wouldn’t be easy to do.

On the political front-lines my candidate who became leader is way ahead of others maintaining his lead for a long time. He came up early in the running for top pole like a racer with a car that never idled. You can find that he is engaging not just offering criticism of incumbent officials in Parliament or media.

He will challenge some of Canada’s heaviest to consider topics. Home energy foreign oil democracy fighting ISIS going against legislation not supported by party documents more choice for new parents scrap the carbon tax balance the budget in 2 years and adding property rights to the charter.

Andrew Scheer is opening up dialogue on freedom of speech beginning with seeking a middle ground on Canadian campuses.  He will remove funding for universities and colleges where protests are allowed which intrude on freedom of speech. I believe protests in Canada need to be dealt with which affect another’s human rights.

Let’s have Andrew lead the way with a dialogue being possible which includes more Canadians on issues. Andrew does consult the CPC membership using questionnaires and surveys as well as using polls. He doesn’t ignore the results as I have seen after him proposing his ideas which get feedback.