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 North American Progress

“Peace is for those who have an understanding nature. Hate is for those that don’t understand!” I don’t know who wrote that but I don’t feel that I am the original author. Following is good if it contributes to the world leading is the same if you are bringing in something of a benefit. I don’t see many leaders in politics that are taking on the enemies of innocents.

I can’t blame everyone in politics during this climate of evil which currently exists by the name of terror. Many people didn’t see the rise of ISIS including world leaders or it never would have taken place. You can’t be blamed for not fighting ISIS from home nor can I.

World politics is something which can be negative to view but the necessity of democratically elected governments is real. The evil empire which was known as the USSR is now Russia. Geographic lines change but cultural boundaries can sometimes continue to exist for many generations.  Peace may come to the Middle East but it will have to be imposed through military means. If we believe something else than we remain to be as foolish as we watched ISIS grow.

The President does show the quality confidence in the face of boycotts and protests which seem to be winding down from their original frenzy. I watch his speeches often and can’t seem to find him currently going against his most vivid promises. He is taking on terror economy education and health. The President plans to make America Great again aren’t for me to criticize because I am a Canadian not an American.

America rebuilt before when the war meaning WW2 came to an end. I wasn’t there to see that though I have read about the time. The American’s are in trouble in many ways with most not gaining the prosperity the Wall Street bankers accomplished for the economy. The economy still includes many poor and bankrupt people to think about in political terms.

The President’s speech on the economy included bilateral agreements with add-in’s such as buy American hire American. He was doing that just yesterday I believe honoring the campaign he proposed in a well spoken manner.

When the USA wins the war in the Middle East in a clear decisive manner the oil will be under the control of the United States of America. Few American’s will protest that I believe when the economy there becomes prosperous and secure.

Canada in 2017 is undergoing quite a lot of change in political positioning especially in Alberta. After winning the election in 2015 the Alberta NDP made very fast changes in legislation which includes taxes which are currently under fire. The leader of PC Alberta travelled around Alberta in a blue truck winning support of those who listened.

I feel Rachel Notley shouldn’t come under personal attack but all elected officials have an opposing side in the house they table legislation. The controversies are winding down but not the challenges from the official opposition.  I support new legislation which would work but the Alberta economy was very strong in 2015 while now we are going deep in debt.

On the federal level the government of Canada is facing a strong Conservative opposition which is currently having a massive campaign for the leader who will replace Stephen Harper. I support one candidate on my personal blog who I feel is in the lead.

Currently in Canada we are looking at having a national carbon tax and the implementation of legalization of marijuana. Our oil sands are in much trouble with the federal government considering phasing out the oil sands. We are most likely the only democratic government in NATO countries other than the USA to possess such a large field of oil.

Justin Trudeau the PM is referenced in media as popular despite facing challenges in Parliament which are very serious and real. He does seem to be popular while we are looking at changes we never thought would happen this soon.

Brad Wall has come forward as the most recognizable Premier in Canada on social and traditional media. I see Andrew Scheer gaining in popularity while he campaigns to head the Conservative Party of Canada. Andrew Scheer will protect the economies of Albertans and Canadians.

We are looking at closing down official government days on Parliament Hill on Fridays and limiting discussion of our elected leaders. Those pieces of legislation which our Parliamentary official’s debate makes me feel that we don’t have a leader on the days we are closed.

We should intend on having a strong economy not based solely on marijuana but oil technology manufacturing and agriculture so we will continue. I love Canada so I’m not worried what our elected representatives are doing. We have a strong opposition to all proposed legislation which limits the rights in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

 I support the Conservative Party of Canada without launching into attacks on democratically elected governments. I don’t ever intend on attending protests of elected officials of any stripe unless our country was in grave jeopardy such as loss of democratic society.

With the possible changes to our economy and electoral system I wonder if the past has been paid attention to. It is fine if the current Prime Minister wishes to do that as an elected official but he will face opposition. We must think of the past though when it became wrong to love neighbors of different race or religions.

That happened in many countries over many different periods of time. I don’t see how we can continue to accept hostility on campuses directed at Jewish students or students of non-Caucasian descent.

Andrew Scheer is trying to bring in a freedom of speech policy if elected to leader of the

Conservative Party of Canada. It looks like he will try to implement legislation which would address protests on campus which violate others rights to freedom of speech. His proposed legislation would bring into being a middle ground for good reasons.

I applaud this when nobody else in government or of elected positions are challenging the protesters who have shut down free speech for those stating their beliefs. Protesters now usually don’t come forward with an opinion to bring forward they just shun those with one of their own.

To sum this up I would like anyone who reads my posts to think of North American politics from wherever they are. We are not always influenced by the USA but from many groups which are not inclusive.

We are not always the light at the end of the tunnel for those seeking refuge either. Canada turned back Jews during the Holocaust so we must remember always to pay attention to political change or lack of change. We must have a balanced immigration system which works with other NATO countries in a coordinated manner.

We are not one Nation but many Nations of the world linked by culture. Culture is something which gives us identity faith and understanding of selves so we can connect with others. I leave you with hope inspiration and freedom at this time.