Let's Have Some Online Fun

 Some people are afraid of being online for lack of trust issues. I don’t know how far hacking can go into a common citizens life but I have had issues. Having virus protection is a good idea or necessary for users of Microsoft which I most certainly am. You can lose sleep sometimes when you start getting into good online topics. I’m a gamer but not a very experienced one just going into online gaming two years ago with no encouragement.

 Online communities are out there now I’m working on forming a small one. World of Warcraft is a good game to play for those interested in connecting with others online. You can find out a lot about games on Google by typing in online games. I am not into Ps3-4 etc. or other games which require consoles or controllers.

 I just purchase on Blizzard entertainment all required upgrades and monthly renewals. I may get into more exciting interplay soon despite not having done that before. Blizzard is offering many games to play and purchase online easily. When you get out of the daily work scene for a while or you’re worried about negativity gaming responsibly can keep you in good spirits.

 Watching movies is good if your home a lot but it gets boring after a while. Connecting with others online is fun to do. I like watching action movies though it’s usually one’s that I have already seen a few times. For singles dating sites can be fun as long as you’re responsible with trust both ways.

 Browsing profiles is a lot of fun to do sometimes if you have time on your side wishing to avoid bar scenes. You can just look online for friends using kijiji or Craigslist or if a gamer then you can type in find gaming friends. You can keep searching by typing in your game’s name and search community.

 Blizzard has community forums where you can find answers to technical questions from like-minded friends. I have only made a few posts on there so far since becoming an online gamer. I play World of Warcraft with the Legion expansion having three characters I play all of them.

 By talking to gamers about topics regarding internet I found it is no longer necessary to watch commercials on YouTube which can be taken care of by an ad blocker. I use free antivirus software because if I get into trouble I can reinstall my operating system from a backup. This I learned how to do after using system restore for the first time which I learned at the library.

 Blogging is my real hobby which doesn’t get me outdoors unless it is for a library trip. You check out your library website for digital content such as online learning or visit them for computer help. Researching for my blog posts mostly is done online or reading newspapers at the library on occasion.

 For better writing practices online I can simply read English books on grammar or other writing essentials topics. Writing for blog posts is the same as writing a paper you turn into a school class. The school class may require more editing than just posting online.

 Better writing can take place by first using Microsoft Office plus you can add-in Grammarly for writers. I don’t currently use Grammarly anymore because I only tried the free version. I intend on purchasing the Pro version to better edit my blog posts. On my WordPress blog I have a plug in which edits my blog posts with suggestions on errors or tips on how to improve my articles reach on the web.

 Someday I intend on really taking more courses in grammar through my library before I take on more challenges in writing. Challenging me to write a newspaper article would be exciting or to be published in a journal would be very pleasing.

 I never use a thesaurus except an online version if stuck.  There are many free writers tools on the web but it is nice sometimes to have your own software available for research such as National Geographic or encyclopedia’s rather than use Wiki.

 Sometimes I begin my writing by writing about a topic until I have found a better topic. This topic is different than writing about my usual cultural topics or politics. If you think about it I am talking about online community or culture. Not so far removed from my other topics is it?