Spiritual Development

 My interest in spiritual development began at an early age. When I was a kid, I grew up Catholic but was interested in the Bible stories which were mostly Jewish people. My name is Jacob, so I am told many times by others that are a biblical name. This fall I may be taking education regarding conversion to Judaism in my city Edmonton. I look forward to taking lessons from a Rabbi.      

Over the years I have turned to Pentecostalism and attended Mennonite services. Sometimes I would return to the Catholic Church to connect to my roots. I have studied Astrology Tarot and many divination methods including the Kabbalah. I prefer the Tarot as my way of looking farther into things never having had training in the Kabbalah.    

I worked as a psychic traveling around British Columbia by car for more than three years. I have worked around the Lower Mainland of BC performing at Home Parties in psychic parties and private readings. In 2005 I went online to psychic site Keen.com to work over the phone as a tarot reader and briefly as an astrologer.

The main thing in life I feel to solving one's life issues is communication with others. Holding bothersome stuff inside without input from caring others is not smart. Talking is the way to freedom from worries. Speaking to a counselor or therapist is the best method of working through concerns when you are unsure of telling friends your stressful situations.      

I am lucky to have good supports in place plus I write which is a good method of getting my messages out that I feel the need to share. One more thing is I'm already in the spiritual community, so I speak to my friends Faery Lady and Shanti66 on Keen.com often. I feel the best way of connecting with answers to my issues is to open up with someone who cares.     

With the mad violence in the world, I know many people are misguided with false spiritual wisdom. Does the Quran tell people to kill children? Does the Quran tell people to Hate women? Does the Quran tell people to feel paranoid? I don't think reading the Quran can explicitly talk to someone causing murderous intent. It takes lessons to develop that hateful intent whether it is on the web or in person.       

The people who attack others for religious reasons have paranoia or complete lunacy. I don't know if there is a cure in mental health care which wasn't an option with Tim McVeigh. We must remember that it is a sin to many Muslim scholars when someone receives psychiatric care. Someone in the religious community should pay attention to this rather than have their services branded with the wrong name.                           

Religious instruction should have a leader such as the Catholic Church has the Pope. I feel broken up religious organizations which don't have a leader can get hateful messages into nooks and crannies. In Judaism, there is a real structure as I have researched over time not seeing the wrongful communications either which extremists mention.                      

If I could stop one attack with my blogging, I would do more to fix my work than having just purchased Grammarly. I worked hard on my writing as an adult taking upgrading classes plus practicing many lessons including in computers. Being a blogger on JPost to me is an accomplishment because on here I can discuss nearly every appropriate topic available on the web.  Someone who feels scattered, fearful, or paranoid may still be able to understand messages about what is wrong with them and connect to an answer. Peace is available to us if the words which come from the web are sound.