The Protection of Latin America

With the new announcements on Cuban policy dictated from the USA, I will mention my previously published article Possible Topics for Negotiation. I feel Trump Pence Rubio know what they are speaking about in as honest ways as possible considering the threats to Latin America. I love to write about Cuba and Venezuela which I previously posted about on the web.
It was nice to see the Governor of Florida introduce Mike Pence who presented the President of the USA. I like Rick Scott who I viewed on TV mention God and prayer after the airport attack some time ago.  The National Guard was on standby.
 I have mostly stopped speaking of the topic terror since some of the recent attacks which only get addressed with intensity from the USA except individual responses to attacks by law enforcement who seem always to prevail.
Repression is close to America's heart for many years with topics such as Castro Chile and other severe problems which don't make it into headlines such as Chavez's communism. It was and is some communism when you notice ties to Cuba past or present.
When you look at the hostile behavior Latin American dictators or other supporters of Castro showed to America, please remember what freedom means. I don't like seeing marijuana shops or artists continue making tee shirts portraying Che Guevara as a fallen hero. To me, CG was a mean supporter of oppression.  To me, Che Guevara is similar to the terrorists attacking Israel and her peaceful citizens.
Protecting Latin America can include Brazil-Venezuela Cuba or any other country which looks to be safe as in the achievements Colombia has obtained in peace from insurgents. The drug trade and human trafficking are topics will be addressed by the President who does support women despite being referenced in controversial ways.
Nicki Haley is in one of the most prominent positions currently protecting Israel at the UN from antisemitism. FACT: Donald Trump isn't mean when he puts world safety in the situation needs to be in #1. I am not a political expert despite posting on conservative issues to the best of my ability.
Blogging is important to me believing in freedom of speech which is reasonable in opinion while not engaging in slander or plagiarism. I subscribe to Grammarly to prevent making errors in either instance. Blogging is to me being something like short wave radio which protected us from Nazi's to some degree during WWII.
Cuba has excellent health care and education as I have heard in propaganda or possibly definite articles which I am not in a position to verify. Cuban medical officials often respond to humanitarian efforts in places such as Haiti and Peru.
With education being part of Cuban life then if Venezuela achieves democracy then the oil there which could then sell at market rates could use Cuban engineers and labor causing employment which is needed to have the real revolution people of the region promised for decades.
With Cuban health care and education in place, the next steps would be to implement infrastructure which could happen with haste. Florida with the support coming directly from Gov. Rick Scott could institute many innovations taken for granted in the USA.
When you look at our refineries here in Canada with Pipeline technology, we could benefit from exporting knowledge and support possibly causing profits for Albertans. Israel could help support health care to Cuba and Venezuela or other countries in the region which it does for Syrians already.
With democracy in place throughout Latin America as it already is in the longtime partner country, Colombia and Brazil spreading commerce is a given. Many benefits to countries which support Latin American freedom could be gained Beginning with culture and the spreading Spanish language. I love Spanish which I took some lessons on BBC Languages website portal.
I usually don't oppose the present policy of officials except if I like the policy then it is referenced by me. You can never find many topics where I bash incumbent staff members of any country unless their policies are disasters in my opinion. I don't feel Canada is in Jeopardy right now, so I avoid the big political topics which make social media news.
I strongly support conservative views which are easier for me to grasp when it mentions Canadian issues I would usually focus. I love being on Jerusalem Post writing publishing articles discussing with myself what I would like to promote to others. Writing is a lonely way to go but exciting when after it makes it into the blogosphere.
I often search out tags or topics to see if the questions I consider are making news on sites such as CBC Global News which is also from Canada and NBC news. I don't look to social media for researched material though I might take a glance at topics which pop up then I may type the text into my browser to look for certain stories.
My breath was short when I saw the number of stories which popped up today on Cuban Policy. The new Cuban policy made me feel much better than the attacks at the GOP baseball practice where I even viewed video footage which I regret watching. It makes me sad that so much is happening with lone wolf attacks which with medication and legislation will treat.
Cuba and Venezuela would be good as USA territory like Puerto Rico is which may receive Statehood soon as I viewed online. I  hope that President Trump will win enough support for these topics which will most likely receive antagonism from political rivals.
We may see the USA going in the right direction with the policy because as Mike Pence stated the President is a man of his word. He has so far not erred in honoring most of his campaign promises which I deeply admire in political parties when they do.