The Refugee Crisis

Canada USA and Europe are the lands of opportunity for many displaced by war. You won't find me speaking against legitimate refugees on either of my blogs. Legitimate refugees are coming into question in Canada because of USA border jumpers. Some attempt to claim refugee status as if to shop for destinations of who will provide more.
With the war torn apart by war, people need a place to go. The Prime Minister of Canada has come under fire for offering a free hand then said to be withdrawing it. I myself wouldn't want to be held accountable as often as he is by the public. Can NATO countries come together with a unified immigration system? Could a system where countries worked together to solve these issues be developed.
There are 4.1 million registered Syrian refugees at about this time. Canada has accepted some with a limit on how many resettlements there are. It seems that Canada hasn't had the migrants acting out in violent ways. Europe has had many issues from accepting improperly vetted refugees who attack others.
Some countries are more responsible to the citizens of their own countries first rather than just responding to UN quotas.  Basheer's father was also a tyrant committing unspeakable crimes to quiet those who spoke out against him.
The USA was the only country to actually respond to the use of chemical weapons properly. The UN Security council mostly ignored the violence in Syria taking aim against other countries with unprecedented resolutions. These should draw world controversy but do not get much more than a whisper from anyone other than the current USA administration.
Currently, today's USA administration is facing controversy from many news sources including articles showing up in Israel. People are frustrated looking for someone to support Israel's PM on topics which threaten the lives of Israeli's daily. Terror attacks are daily or near daily the only hope and optimism coming from strong Trump speeches.
My worries come up for me often looking at the current violence in the Holy Land as an already smaller Holocaust. Israel surrounded by violent groups except this time being able to defend herself better than ever before. Jews would understand this better than me with never becoming much of a tourist for many reasons.
You will see that Trump will most likely move the embassy to Jerusalem after he has seen the end of the Peace talks with Abbas. I wonder if Abbas is in a strong enough position to act as lead for Palestinians in the talks with so many groups wishing to see the end of Israel. I myself do not wish to see Palestinians control the Holy Land.
Seeing what has happened in Palestinian maintained sites including Bethlehem makes me wonder if there is anyone protecting Judaic-Christian history.  Makeover's of important sites in grotesque ways is offensive to me. Israel which renovates important heritage sites takes great care in maintaining the integrity of the Holy Sites.
Syria and Iraq have seen their Holy sites destroyed by ISIS repeatedly leaving nothing intact except housing for terrorists. Restoring sites native to Syria and Iraq will never happen just like these two countries becoming safe havens for anyone is impossible. There seems to be no refuge offered except which comes from countries on good terms with Israel or the USA.
I feel Canada will invest in Israeli independence one day seeing no alternative but to support our ally. We must realize how violent Palestinian leaders are in words against Jews and Christians. There isn't that much text in the Quran that is hostile to Jews except that which keeps being quoted for effect on the masses.
These things I speak of in this article may be related because of the common theme of violence against cultural groups. I get writing in an almost automatic way bringing to the front of my mind the things triggered by my subconscious which is bothered often. I do not wish to continue just relating bad stories but offer real solutions to Israel's plight.
Christians should come forward more often as a unified voice rather than leave it up to the Pope or other leaders. I don't support many causes myself except those which I identify with because of limited resources available. A big thing for me would be to blog better by purchasing Grammarly Pro for writers. I don't feel my editing is the best but JPost published me to the Home Page.
Blogging is my reach which I worked on developing having first blogged in 2009 on a Psychic site. I worked on writing for many years not feeling that I had that much of an effect until lately. I didn't know how to approach helping others feeling I was a left out conservative.
Conservative help I feel on humanitarian issues is very just not like the jump on the left sided bandwagon. Conservative support for Israel has been in Canada for quite some time with Israel's issues coming to the front of topics often despite not being referenced by media that often.
Israeli's will never need to migrate again despite the violence thrown at them. Helping others is embedded in the State of Israel's legacy. Helping Syrian's has been performed by many Jews from around the world identifying with their dilemma. Atrocities continue to happen around the world to many cultures with the rise of ISIS it is just in media more often because of the global reach of terror.
My belief is that Israel should be the lead in humanitarian efforts in the ISIS war and the Assad conflicts. Reputation is more than just obtained in the region it is deserved. We must have someone in the region with a conscience helping oversee refugee issues. Israel has many humanitarian organizations which work in the ME. These organizations I have noted in a previous article on Syria's humanitarian crisis referencing them as offering help to Syrians.
I will close this article with the intent of offering some healing to those who feel they suffer from trauma.