We Can't stand for this anymore

When we are faced with suicides more often from people preaching religion in public then let's take a look. I don't feel these terrorists were unknown in their community. There may be cooperation in the Muslim community but it would be possible for some of these sad events to be prevented I'm sure. We can take a look at Donald Trump's speech on terror as an indicator of how we should feel towards those who Hate. I would like to see full measures against radical's that promote Hate no matter what form it takes or what groups or culture they identify with.
 Suicide Bombers never reach any sort of justification in the afterlife if in fact there is one for them other than Hell. Attacking youth at a concert justifies nothing. I pray for those lost lives as I usually do in most cases of terror except when I can't stand to contemplate it. This is different because we must look at what terror brings. Revenge is necessary in the war on terror I feel as long as we don't offer any sympathy regarding Terrorists suffering from anything other than mental illness. 
Mental Health care is most likely the issue in the lives of those most likely to join these fringe groups. There are Imams who shun those who seek mental health care. When someone who prays in the Islamic faith is often quoting Sharia Law or engaging in anti Semitic conversations we must deal with the sickness immediately. Young Muslim's who pull away from society must be noticed just as there must be other signs of bad thoughts. There is no glory in human trafficking a main stay of violent Islamic groups.
In Canada domestic terror has struck Islamic people praying which drew much sympathy from Canadians. Offering sympathy to those attacked was totally natural for many. Coming together is for all communities not just the one's hurt or maimed. I pray for the youth who have not had the chance to live long into adulthood. I pray the families of the children who suffer from their injuries find healing as well.
Israel is facing its greatest challenges since the Holocaust with the continuous assaults on Jewish people from many terrorist groups. I feel an end will come to ISIS despite it seeming to grow as a movement of sick minds. Nobody can doubt the resolve of Jewish people who wish for their families to grow without fear.
My daughter is the pride of my life so I can understand the concerns many families have in this age of senseless violence. These aren't the only cause for concern many parents would have but nobody on the planet would ever contemplate this madness entering their lives as happened in Manchester. Let's all come together as a unified voice in ending this sooner than later.