World Politics makes me sad every day

 Canadian politics is much easier for me to read rather than reading heated topics from around the globe. America, Europe, and the Middle East are all in some substantial crisis. I support the American people having peace from world violent topics despite America acting as a solver on international problems. I don't support the UN which is a strongly felt feeling going back to the Rwandan genocide. I don't believe in big government meaning groupings of nations which don't agree on issues. I believe big government stalls resolution of topics no matter how many nations get their say. 
Many soldiers will soon be seen around the USA I feel as unrest continues. Will the USA have the turbulent unrest seen throughout Israel and the Middle East for standing up to clear enemies and the more vague one's? My feeling is that the USA with growing populist movements will not outgrow these issues while protests get out of control as seen in Dallas. Why soldiers are being attacked doesn't make much sense if you have citizenship in the country they proudly serve. Here is a picture of a soldier that serves her country.
IDF soldierIDF soldier
You may never see an end to the War on Terror which is the worst can of worms on the planet since as far back as the founding of the Holy Land. This war destroys nations which have been termed by many names including Iran naming Israel as an Apartheid state supported in hostile UN documents. I would love to visit Israel one day if at all possible.
This War on Terror was at one time under control compared to the state of affairs seen as it currently is. Donald Trump did have good speeches as seen in his War on Terror speech but what is happening currently is rising groups challenging him on every possible political move he can make. I like reading articles on Jerusalem Post which mirror the Presidency helping Israel to find peace. Supporters of the BDS movement will never acknowledge that they are mostly a banned group despite many people in education supporting them.
The boycott Israel Movement doesn't help Lebanon Palestine or any one of those countries citizens gain freedom from Hamas or Hezbollah which are real concerns I would like to see a populist movement rise to address. Hezbollah and Hamas are known to murder any one of a different opinion. 
The picture of the Jewish lady above taken from flickr creative commons  is seen looking proud in her IDF uniform. I don't believe bad comments regarding the IDF I see on YouTube being posted daily. On my blog I post YouTube videos from other posters who support peace through conservative means. I have posted Donald Trump's Speech on Terror several times feeling it justified a point or two on how to deal with some of the world's issues which cause me distress.
On my blog I have removed most references to the President feeling a backlash and possible censorship.I feared this  could come from somewhere or being labelled as a radical for promoting supporting voted in leaders. Mostly now I only openly support Canadian conservative politicians on my blog except on here where I will post regarding International political issues which I feel will be addressed.