Bibi, Neither Cameras nor Obama Will Protect Us!

This article was first posted on my blog, Shiloh Musings, Bibi, Neither Cameras nor Obama Will Protect Us!,
This morning I feel like ranting! Here goes:
Bibi, your solution to Arab violence of placing "cameras on all West Bank roads" is a very ineffective Ehud Barak gadget scam rather than offering true protection to innocent Israelis. By the time the attack is viewed and reported by the teams at the screens, the terrorists will have effectively escaped and the victims could bleed to death.
And besides that, it's very well-known that a high percentage of such cameras have been damaged and stolen by the Arab terrorists. The method is not new, nor has it been proven effective.
spy balloon over Shevut Rachel and the smaller communities around it
Photo: Batya Medad
Or is the plan to have lots of these spy balloons in the sky focused on Arab terror, rather than trying to catch the mythical Jewish "price tag" cells? Even if these cameras aren't easily stolen, there's no speedy solution to the terrorism here.
Arab terrorism must be stopped not mopped with the blood up after the attack takes place.
Yet again, the United Nations' Ban Ki-moon unabashedly condemns death of Arab terrorists and terror-supporters while ignoring innocent Jewish victims of Arab terror.
Ban said he did not believe that the demolition of homes belonging to Palestinian terrorists or the construction of new Israeli settlements "will do anything other than inflame tensions still further."Ban acknowledged the death of four Palestinians, referring to a 13-year-old boy whom the IDF said was accidentally killed by misfire and three terrorists who were killed by security forces following attacks that killed four Israelis. (Jerusalem Post)
Why does Israel continue membership in that hot-bed of anti-Israel/pro-Arab terrorism? I find it incomprehensible. They will not change, no matter who is our ambassador to the UN, nor how well-written and incredibly delivered our speeches there.
And for the umpteenth time, Bibi has capitulated to American demands and will not approve more Jewish building in Judea and Samaria.
Building a bus terminal in Sha'ar Binyamin
Photo: Batya Medad
New homes being built
in Ariel
Photo: Batya Medad
According to senior-level Israeli officials, the US Administration passed on a threatening message to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, according to which if Israel were to approve an expansion of settlement construction in the West Bank, the US would not veto a UN Security Council proposal that deems Israeli settlements are illegal. (JerusalemOnline)
This makes no sense to me, because de facto by not building Israel is delegitimatizing its sovereignty and rights in the Land of Israel, even in parts of it that Israel considers as "consensus" that will "remain Israeli," sic.
I find it so incomprehensible that while Israel is such a strong, successful advanced country, with a vibrant and healthy economy and advanced and affordable medical care, our politicians fearfully kowtow to our enemies, those who would rather see an Arab terror state aka Palestine here instead of the State of Israel.