Egypt: I am loud and proud

First I must apologize for taking so long to write again but as most of you know I was in Spain for a peace and conflict resolution conference. Then I came back from Spain to face my destiny with pride and no regrets for my choices on doing the right thing by stopping the hate propaganda between Israel and the Arabs, despite, as I mentioned before , my arrested last October on false charges and subsequent bail since that time.
My trial was set for Sunday July 20, a trial that included a court house, a prosecutor, a judge, police, lawyers, a cage filled with a real hardcore criminals, including myself. All of that is simply because I want to spread peace with my neighbors and fighting for a true freedom of expression in my beloved Egypt. The very complicated thing about this trial is that I can''t say in my defense to the judge that the government framed these false charges because of my advocacy for peace and coexistence with Israel. The judge`s mentality is filled with hate propaganda like the rest of his generation but we found a way out which is asking to postponed the trial so we can question those police thugs who abducted me and contradicted their police report along with their testimony to the prosecutor, these contradictions are my only hope against imprisonment, anyway my trial got postponed to next October.
The countless friends I know kept advising me to seek asylum in Europe, the US or Israel in order to escape from this trial and live in exile from my Egypt, of course I refused for so many reasons.
The most important of all reason is that the government can''t scare me away from doing the right thing, even if I have received prison time in the past three years of my activism I have seen exceptional and better Egyptians than myself who share my vision of peace and were very capable in creating some real change. But sadly they were scared away from the government and they vanished from the world of activism to the point that they had to unfriend me but I can''t blame any of them.
This is why it is my obligation to set an example for everyone that they shouldn''t be afraid and must have the courage to know their friends on the other side because the truth is very different than what the hate propaganda has been feeding us all these years
I am not trying to be a hero or a martyr, I am simply facing my choices in life like a man who believes in doing the right thing. My so-far three years of activism has introduced me to amazingly great people from around the world. My three years of activism has given me a purpose in life. My three years of activism have shown me what the truth is and has given me wonderful friends who have become my family by choice.
Facing my trial is the right thing to do. They can''t scare me away, shut me down or make me escape because all the other activists or those who are curios to know the other side must know that there are those who really believe in the cause of peace without being afraid to step in and reach out to the other side.
If we all escaped from our destinies then what are we doing from the start of our lives?
I have zero regrets for any of my choices over the past three years and I am very proud of all of them. I will always be a very loud JPost blogger and a very proud peace activist, no matter what the consequences will be.