The reasons why!

A friend asked me once why I keep fighting for peace between Israel and the Arabs. He also said, “Ahmed, you have made so many enemies lately because of your beliefs of this peace.”
So my answer is as follows:
I have an Israeli friend who lives in Haifa we talk almost everyday. I know her husband and the rest of her family, even her mother.  Her children call me uncle Ahmed :) Why does that matter?
These children when they grow up will not fall for the lies and the media propaganda about the Arabs because their uncle Ahmed lives in Egypt and he is a good family friend.
When I will have children of my own, I will tell them all about my friends in Israel and their kids in the hope that they can all be friends.  I will also teach my children not to fall for the lies and the blame game that is currently going on.  
So, this family that I know is worth a hundred more enemies because the peace we are seeking is for our children to have a better life.
I am an Egyptian who tries hard to work for peace. I try to learn from my mistakes and be a better peace activist. During my past life I was known among the people around me as the funny, kind man who doesn`t get into trouble or fights with anyone. I always hated racism and discrimination of all kinds. As I have said before, after our Egyptian revolution I became very hopeful and very confident that YES we can make a difference in the world around us; so I started my peace mission trying to make a difference in the conflict we are having between Israel and the Arabs.
Unfortunately the more I continue on my new path the more enemies I make and the more hatred I experience, by too many people, including my family and my old friends. I have been called many names like a traitor, a Zionist, a Jewish “wanna-be” etc.  I even get threats and hate mail at least three times a week from strangers.
I keep asking myself why is that and what keeps me going along this path which is so full of obstacles and hatred by others?
Of course, I admit that there is violence and aggression on both sides but is that enough to be hated for when I try to make things right? Isn’t that pure racism and injustice?
But fortunately, on the other hand, I get amazing support, admiration, gratitude, unconditional love and much more by my new good friends around the world who share with me the same dream of creating peace.
That is what pushes me forward to keep on going and not to give up or feel scared for my life. From my heart I truly thank everyone who believed in me and stood by my side, if it wasn’t for you guys I think I would given up a long time ago and failed in my quest for peace.
I promise you that Insha’Allah I will keep fighting for creating the peace and understanding between us on both sides. I will work harder to make the change that we all need for our futures and for our children to have a better loving life without hate.