We are lucky

I know that asking you all to remain positive might be hard given what the world has gone through since last year. At times, it''s hard for me, too, especially considering what`s been happening in my Egypt.
However, despite all of these struggles, I think we can all agree that we are in fact the luckiest of all past generations. We are alive witnessing historic changes that are ushering in a new world order. The future history books will be focused on this historic time period, when the Arab spring took the power from tyrannical regimes and returned it to the people.
We all must use this rare opportunity and try to make a difference in the world around us. It would be a shame if we just stood on the side lines watching from a distance; we must work hard and be a part of the modern history.
We already have the perfect tools that make us more powerful than we might believe, tools like the Internet and the social media. These tools broke all the high walls that stood between us our governments, leaders and dictators. They showed us the truth about the government''s lies, brainwashing and propaganda.
We all must use these new tools in order to know one another and to learn each other''s truths. I say you take a chance and befriend someone on the other side of the border. I can guarantee that you—especially those of you who never had a friend from a different country, culture or religion—will be surprised and even be shocked on how you were misled by your media and government.
Before the Arab Spring, I never believed that I could make a difference around me. I never voted and I never cared. The revolution in my Egypt changed all of that in me. I now strongly believe that I can contribute to the world around me, which makes me care about the world around me.
We all must care!
Peace to all of you.