Supporting Israel – From Pioneers to Contemporary Zionists

Israel is a home of remarkable innovation and creativity.  Personally, I always wondered how Israel has developed into such a high-tech nation in just 64 years. However, organizations like the Jewish National Fund – Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael (KKL-JNF) and Keren HaYesod (United Israel Appeal) had started their work long before the declaration of independence.  KKL-JNF was founded already in 1901 as the Zionists saw the importance of rebuilding the Jewish homeland of Israel.  Since then, the development has been phenomenal and rapid, almost exponential.
Fields of Kibbutz KeturaFields of Kibbutz Ketura
Photo: Samuel Willner
Now, sixty-four years later, Israel sets an example in innovative technology.  Despite all the wars and struggles against multiple enemies and terrorism, Israel has been successful in many fields, such as sociology, economy, environment and technology.  Israel has contributed a great deal in the field of international development.
A good example is the MASHAV, the foreign aid agency of the Israeli Foreign Ministry.  For example, in mid-November, a group of 25 participants from sixteen different developing countries landed in Israel for the Arava Institute’s MASHAV program on renewable energy.  The participants came from countries including China, Colombia, Ghana, Senegal, Serbia, Kazakhstan and Guatemala.
Why does Israel invite all these people from all around the world to learn?  It is because Israel is willing to share the knowledge it has acquired during its short history of independence.  This is very important work; to show another side of Israel.  Israel is facing a lot of criticism and unfair treatment and only because it is a Jewish nation.  Personally, I feel that it should be all of our responsibility to build and develop Israel.
Mt. GrofitMt. Grofit
Photo: Samuel Willner
Day after day, month after month, the life in this tiny nation continues to amaze me.  The nation of Israel is a survivor, just like its people.  I am living in the middle of the desert.  I have been living here already fifteen months.  The nation of Israel is like the plants and trees in the dry riverbeds, wadis, which are waiting for the rain to water them.  They survive from one season to another.  When the rain falls, they begin to sprout and after a short while start blooming.  This is a miracle.  Just like the existence of the nation of Israel is.
Personally I am grateful that there have been people who have a heart towards Israel; people who worked like pioneers as they cultivated the land; people who despite the criticism, will continue their support.  My hope and prayer is that Israel continues to have friends around the world.
This is what I will be.