Donald Trump, The New Voice of White Nationalism

On Saturday August 11, 2017, Charlottesville, United States witnessed the first sediments of ultra-white domestic terrorism. The organized and aggressive reinvention of the culture and ethos of the Confederate South as the ideal white-America is not only shocking but is further legitimized by an indifferent president. Indifference to the suffering of the "other," has been the basis for evil in modern politics ( Rwanda, German and the Balkan States).
President Trump, whose daughter Ivanka Trump, converted to Orthodox judaism and whose son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is also a modern Orthodox Jew. As ironic as it is "Kushner" means a darker Semite or person from Kush (Ethiopia). In the Parsha, or section of Torah, known as Korach, Proheph Moses (of blessed memory) wife ,  was derided as that -"Kushite." In the run up to the election of 2016.  Mr. Trump through his representatives presented himself at the Ohel (Tomb) of the Rebbe,  Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Rebbe, who I hold in high esteem for his message of an all inclusive Jewishness that as a pre-condition for the coming Messianic age, and of a descendent of David HaMalik. This visit was in search of a bracha (blessing) to be President of the United States. This is relevant and telling because it shows just how far by embracing anti-semitism President Trump has strayed from his original message of an inclusive America to a narrow, racist and antagonistic America where Jew and Gentile cannot co-exist. Trump asked a Jew to bless him, but now he embraces a message which is at the very core hateful and anti-Jewish.
I write this article from many angles, but mainly as someone who is against any form of terrorism (intimidation), whether it is domestic or foreign to the United States, and whether it is black or white. I also write it as a person familiar with World War II, Adolf Hitler and slavery. Make no mistake, what happened this past weekend in Charlottesville, a car driven into a counter-protest,  is terrorism designed to intimidate a certain members of our society (Jews and Blacks); to send a message. And as we all appreciate, terrorists in general are in the message sending business.
I would like to begin by addressing something very sinister that is emerging in the United States: this is the legitimization of a fringe culture, hugely anti-semetic in its core ideology of a white America. This fringe culture, now has a voice in the oval office in the person of President Trump, because its ideaological posturing and statements mirror the statements of President Trump this past Tuesday, 15th 2017 at his Trump Towers. What started off for Mr. Trump as the mere adoration of President Andrew Jackson has metastasized into the cloning of Nathan Bedford Forest, a confederate general. What we know is that after the defeat of the Confederate army General Forrest joined the KKK; and that a lot of the KKK strategies of armed gorilla warfare (hide and seek) are a result of General Forest's participation in the KKK. General Forrest once remarked, "war means fighting, and fighting means killing."
I base my opinion on Mr. Trump's  own words: here for example is a man who compares George Washington to a Confederate General Robert Lee. General Washington who rose above the prejudices of his time,  declaring independence against the British is now reduced to a rebel leader who fought for a racist Confederate America for the mere reason that he owned slaves. One issue is used to blind people. This is not revision of history but delusion of history. The comparison of a unifying and national American hero such as George Washington to the filth of the South is remarkable in its audacity. Southern confederate generals for the most part should be compared to Nazi generals, and this includes General Robert Lee. Because they wore beautifully stitched uniforms, and rode on beautiful horses does not sanitize the narrow and racist America they fought for. I am sure if one made a statue of Hitler entering the 1936 Nuemberg rally, it would have some debatable  artistic merit, but behind every statue is a message - and this is what neo-Nazis really want, the message embodied by the statues, they care less about the inherit art of statues as they would like us to believe. The defense of "our culture," is the height of idiocy since white culture is merely more than confederate history and politics, it includes white music, white folklore and Anglo-Saxon history in general.
The Civil war of 1861-1865
This is not a history lesson, but in sum the Confederate states of the United States fought to uphold an ideal of slavery, inequality and abuse of natural rights under the guise of State rights.  It is from these defeated generals, that the KKK was then distilled into an organization. Its main message is that diversity cannot exist in their white America.
White nationalism
As noted from above, white nationalism hides under the general-common-structure of the Civil war of 1865, most notably Robert Lee; it grafts onto this illusion the cultural racism that blacks and Jews are inherently inferior to whites and are not a part of  white-America. This is the same theme of the KKK during Reconstruction, after the civil war - that diversity has no place in America. This fringe society is to date what populates the Ku Klux Klan and other domestic terroist organizations claiming to be white pride mom and pop organizations, when in fact they are angry neo-Nazi domestic terrorist groups.
What kind of America do domestic terrorists such as the KKK want:
They want a white America, and I base this on KKK literature, online videos and many purported press briefings given by KKK Grand Wizards or Dragons, depending on the season. They want a white America. One where public space is not shared with non-white people.
This white America is produced by  having black Americans and Jews, and Hispanics intimidated into a subservient role of servant and second-class citizen, as was the case in the deep South prior to the Civil war. Most of these fringe white nationalist groups were visibly upset that an African American became president, this has become their short term causation. And so when President Trump embraced the birther movement they found a willing spokesman.
This white America is also an interesting concept because while America is an Anglophile national culture, many different cultures are integrated in this one big Anglophile society - we all speak English for example. While America for the Klan means that everyone else must step back or else. The KKK's idea of white society in general is based on a similar doctrine as Taliban or Al Qada: in that it see their world as imbalanced by certain forces, and  it can only stop this imbalance by bringing down one social narrative - diversity - and replacing it with white society. The white nationalist ideology is not based on white-is-beautiful as they would like us to think. Its central theme is based on rejecting diversity in America as a Jewish concept of white subjugation; and procommunist. They see diversity as a tool of Jewish stereotypes. By intimidation and fear the KKK would want society in general to fear enforcing diversity, and federal laws on equality, just as they succeeded in the South to make sure reconstruction failed. I call this, The Nathan Bedford Forrest strategy for civic guerrilla warfare.
President Trump's position:
Given this bizarre, racist and objectionable world view where does President Trump fit? Sadly, President Trump by silence, indifference and the kind of emotional outburst he gave on Tuesday. He has become for lack of a better word a puppet of White Nationalist. I want to make it clear here what forms this conclusion that he is playing right into White Nationalism.
- As stated above, white nationalist see diversity as the fruit of a poisoned nation, hence it should not be encouraged or nurtured.
- Secondly when white nationalists are opposed, they are not seen as aggressors but as engaged in a legitimate fight to the end.
- If two people have not agreed to fight, one person is always the aggressor and the other person is always defending themselves. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know this. But when President Trump puts the two camps in one corner he legitimzes the fight and shares responsibility equally.
- The hiding of KKK agenda behind other "innocent people at the rally," is equally insidious because what we have learnt from history is that whether the KKK is hiding in flour masks or "other innocent people," their group message is consistent, deadly and violent.
We are at the cusp, of a divided nation in which a racist society has a voice in the white house. Tuesday's press conference by President Trump will forever be stamped in the national mind as a justification for domestic terrorism, it illustrated visually the warped and bizarre narrative of how extreme white nationalists justify their hatred of diversity, their right too attack others and their pretension that the Civil war was a justifiable war. It is not unthinkable that a President of the United States may hold white nationalist sentiments; the United States Supreme court judge Hugo Black was a member of the KKK, so was the Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest; "our great white Southern son." If a musical instrument makes the sound accustoms to that class of instruments, it should be classified as such.
Perhaps, by his lack of understanding of the above President Trump will usher a more honest dialogue on race in America. It is long overdue the classification of the KKK as a domestic terrorist organization, and not as a social organization or book reading club.
While the Charlottesville incident, is not the best example of domestic terrorism per se, they exists more direct acts; sucide bombers for example, the same cannot said of the KKK whose very ideology is based on torch burning intimidation. The torch was the essential tool used in lynching. In Christianity we have the cross; Judaism the Star of David, for the KKK it's the burning torch that is their symbolism thus the KKK was very much present on that day.
To say that viewers do not understand or know KKK symbolism is to underestimate the intellect of all Americans in general, including the KKK.
Ken Sibanda, is an American Constitutional attorney and author of "International Law: Peace Accords ( 2016)" He is also the director of the motion picture, "1948." He is affectionally know as Tecumseh.