Gold and Oil at the end of 2015

Actually the global markets are ready for the New Year 2016. To be honest, the most important reviews and reports regarding 2015 will be published later in the first quarter of 2016. However, brokers do not expect great deals or huge volumes in the very last days of 2015. The year is over. Stocks exchange yearns for the drive and intensity of trading. People’s minds are occupied by “The silent night” and “Jingle bells”. The terrifying nightmare of the oil flood flew away to reappear in early February next year. Money never sleeps, but on Christmas money dreams of chocolate stars, Teddy Bears, small hot hands around Dad’s neck and Mom’s gentle smile. Money just got tired from greed and accounting. These days the money is looking for gold. The precious metal from fairy tales does not smell or sully your hands. It is always shining silently and promising a lot of fun in the future. According to Bloomberg, every year from December 23 to January 3 bullion prices gain about 2.9%. This year gold touched a five-year low of $1,046.44 on December 3 amid speculation on euro and expectation for interest rates hike by Fed. Nevertheless, on Wednesday the gold price increased to $1,070.50 and is still trying to climb higher. Analysts forecast the gold price growth until Chinese New Year. Thus the time is to buy the bullion or even a couple of ounces. For the treasure all of us are just humans, who recollects the dream of shining gold star in the period from Hanukkah to the Last day of a lunar year. So the treasure waits for the time.
Money got tired? May be. Not the oil. The oil price descended to the eleven-year low of $35.98 per Brent barrel on Monday. The U.S. have decided to share WTI with the globe, the president Barak Obama signed up an agreement to call off the taboo to sell American crude all aver the world. Commodity markets are waiting. Tehran is waiting for late January 2016. OPEC is waiting also, but for “back in the future” in 2040, when oil will cost $100 per barrel. Actually Russians are waiting for their petrodollars. A Bashneft-Polyus chairman Mikhail Stavskiy promised to succeed even with prices at the point of $9 per barrel. Oh, those Russians… Meanwhile, Google and Ford encouraged rumors regarding their joint venture and driverless car production. As they say in Silicon Valley – never confuse a clear view for a short distance. But Google + Ford joint venture means a product will be delivered sooner than 2040 will come. By the way, Google has tested electromobiles and hybrids with the original system. So the new product does not drink oil, preferring electricity. It is a long way to go, though a destination is clear. Who will pay $100 per barrel in 2040 and why?
Sweet dreams, magic days… Dreaming of a former Golden Age transforms a dreamer into a greybeard while fantasizing about new machinery and robots can metamorphose the reality. The oil tyranny is flying away slowly? No tears, no regrets.