A veterinarian tale in Jerusalem


In a letter to Dr. Zohar Dworkin, Director of Jerusalem''s Veterinary Service (the unit is not listed at the official municipal site, in Hebrew, here), on March 13 this year, Yehudah Glick requested permission to, once again, demonstrate the method of how the Paschal Sacrifice would be accomplished.  The event had taken place last year on the eve of the Festival and this year, the location had been moved to the Sherover Promenade.


The reply, faxed on the next day and signed by the service''s deputy, Assaf Brill, was in the negative.





The Muslim holiday of Eid Al-Adha is celebrated with the sacrifice of lambs.  On Mount Gerizim, the Samaritans similarly celebrate their Passover.


In 2008, the group unsuccessfully tried to halt a previous event involving a learning demonstration of the Paschal Sacrifice.  Judge Haggit Mack-Kalmanovitz refused their appeal.


What will happen this year?