And after the elections


Two more hours to go.


Another bit of punditry:-


My (educated) guess?


If Bibi/Lieberman get close to 40 (38-40), if, he''ll first go to Lapid, then Shelly then Tzippi.  In any case, the aggressive campaign against Bennett indicates Netanyahu does not want a right-wing coalition.  He wants a two-state solution proposal left on the table.  That is why he''ll go to the center-left parties.


He''ll tell them that after he forms the core with them, he''ll still need Bayit Yehudi or Shas and he will say "I want a broad-based coalition"and then he''ll ask Lapid, Livni and Yechimovitz: which is worse for you - chareidim or Yesha communities.


If Likud/Yisrael Beiteinu bloc reach 35-37 only, everything becomes very fluid.  Netanyahu doesn''t want a right-wing coaltion.  He never has created one.  Last time, he negotiated with Tzipi but she wouldn''t lower herself, foolishly.


It can only get interesting, much more interesting.