Aqsa's Keystone Kps

As the JPost reports now:
As usual, non-Muslims, including Jews, will be forbidden from entering the holy site at all.
That's not really news, and not at all exciting, either.
Earlier, though, the paper reported something quite interesting:
Following what police are deeming a planned Wednesday morning Arab riot on the Temple Mount against officers and non-Muslim visitors, a police official on Thursday denied accusations by the PA and Jordan of Israeli religious incitement.The violence took place at about 7:30 a.m. on the eve of Succot, when dozens of masked Arabs youths threw rocks, firebombs, fireworks, metal pipes, and concrete slabs at officers and tourists upon opening the Mugrabi Gate entrance to the holy site.According to police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, cops gleaned intelligence of an imminent attack to be carried out by Palestinians, who slept at the mosque the night before to orchestrate the assault and construct barricades to block responding officers.
I can tell you from personal experience, sitting in at sessions of the Knesset's Interior Committee chaired by the valiant MK Miri Regev that multiple times the police representatives have been asked how is it possible that
a) they at all permit people to not only sleep but even to stay at the compound overnight, except for very special occasions;
b) they allow youths to repeatedly enter without adequate security checks and sneak in Roman candles (not to mention a potential bomb);
c) Jewish pro-rights Temple Mount activists know that these riots are being planed (secret: it's all on Facebook) but the police somehow fail, again and again, to be prepared.
Hamas has a new symbol and others want to Western Wall.
It would seem that the police are useless, clueless, and either they are doing this purposefully - under instructions from the Prime Minister's office or the Minister of Internal Security - or as simple Keystone Kops.
You may think that harsh but if they keep up with the sexual abuse cases, eventually this charge will also come crashing down on their heads.