Ashrawi with more freezing



As if the current cold spell isn''t enough, Hanan Ashrawi insists on increased freezing:
    PLO Executive committee member Hanan Ashrawi Monday [Dec. 31] said freezing settlement activities and ending the Israeli occupation are essential demands to achieve peace...during a meeting with an American delegation in the PLO headquarters in Ramallah...Ashrwai pointed out that approving the construction of thousands of settlement units and the demolition of and eviction from Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem aim at ethnically cleansing the indigenous people of the land, isolate Jerusalem from its surroundings and divide the West Bank.
I don''t know what delegation that was, but she continued with others:
Ashrawi stressed in a meeting in Ramallah with EU representative to the West Bank, Gaza Strip and UNRWA, John Gatt-Rutter, “the importance of the European role in supporting the two-state solution and in bringing about an end to the illegal occupation of Palestine and Israel’s stepped-up illegal settlement campaign before it is too late.”...In addition, Ashrawi told a Canadian delegation representing the National Democratic Party...
Please note if you think her statements were logical and practical:
a) last time Israel''s government froze construction, nothing happened.  The Pals. sat back, did nothing about negotiations, expecting Obama to get them further yieldings.
b) Jews are an indigenous people in this land and they have a right to it as Ashrawi was told on CNN on May 28, 2011: "Just so the historical record is clear. The territory Israel has right now it has because it was attacked by every surrounding Arab nation. And every person understands that... [we will] never forget the historical record that the Arab nations at every opportunity have attacked and have tried to destroy the state of Israel. So let''s not forget history." 
c) Jews were ethnically cleansed from Hebron, Shchem, Gaza, Gush Etzion, Old City of Jerusalem and other communities during the Mandate period (when the Jewish national home was supposed to be reconstituted through close Jewish settlement on the land including waste and state lands).
d) since no "settlements" existed in Judea, Samaria and Gaza prior to the Six Fays War in 1967 (see para c), what has "occupation" and "settlement construction" to do with why the Arabs terrorized Israel between 1948-1967 and how can that halt solve any peace talks?
e) Jews are not slated for residency in "Palestine".
In other words, don''t bother with what Hanan says.
It is dislocated from truth.