Follow the money trail


One of Hamas'' demands was that their salaries be payed.


it turned out that the new unity government did not intend to pay the salaries of most Hamas government employees in Gaza and decided to make do with paying the salaries only of the PA’s workers...  it [became] clear to the organization’s leadership that as a result of the reconciliation its control over the funding of its supporters is in danger. 


What should be obvious from this is that the economic infrastructure of the Gaza Hamastan is based on terror.








Storerooms and warehouses.


Security personnel.


Gaza is a mobilized society and who pays for it?  Who provides the money?


From UNRWA to the EU and onwards to the NGOs.


The situation?  Here:-


Overall economic situation. Since Hamas took control of Gaza in 2007 and following the closure imposed by Israel, the situation in the Strip has been one of chronic need, de-development and donor dependency, 


and yet, it is claimed there further


The lack of construction activity is of great concern as the construction sector has been the primary employer in the Gaza Strip since 2008. According to the World Bank this sector accounted for more than 80 percent of Gaza’s growth during the first quarter of 2013, as large inflows of donor aid were directed towards construction projects that were initiated in late 2012. Overall, the construction sector accounted for 27.6 % of Gaza’s GDP in the second quarter of 2013. It has been estimated earlier this year that approximately 70,000 people rely on the construction sector for their livelihoods.


but they were constructing - underground!!!


Stop the money flow to terror, direct it to humanitarian projects and social economic development.