Arab racism? Rats!

 For decades, Arabs claimed they cannot be anti-Semites.




Because they are Semites themselves.  And there are many who are taken in by that.


Let''s present something more, well, stark:



The caption reads, "the rats are coming".  And one comment reads: "isn''t it time for a cat?"


Rats (starting at 3:40) is a classic anti-Semitic frame.


There is also Salman Masalha''s racism defended by Amos Schocken published by his Haaretz.  Including this:


The muscle, named Ophir, must have thought that the leader of some terror organization had fallen into his hands and that maybe he’d get to expose him and rise in the ranks of nagging and hassling, the sacred “Jewish-democratic” work from the school of Zionism’s racists.
...Ophir was a young, darkish security man, perhaps a descendant of converts from the Arabian Peninsula, perhaps from the Atlas Mountains. But one thing was clear, his black color looked very shabby, tattered and stained with evil.


So, there is racisim in Arab/Muslim society (and Amos S. supports it).


At least we are all clear now about that.