Just say "no"


Remember the infamous "Three Noes" of 1967?


NO peace with Israel.

NO negotiations with Israel.

NO recognition of Israel.


Well, please take note of this:

Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki met with US Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday at the office of the US ambassador to Paris, a statement from the PA minister''s office said...Al-Maliki reiterated that the Palestinians oppose recognizing Israel as a Jewish state and insist that East Jerusalem becomes the future Palestinian capital.

And this

President Mahmoud Abbas stressed Saturday that there will be no peace agreement with Israel without an agreement over Jerusalem.  “Without Jerusalem there will be no peace between us,” Abbas told crowds from Jerusalem at his headquarters.  “Without Jerusalem written clearly and in bold, there will not be peace with them,” he added...Abbas stressed that the Palestinians have rights “and we will continue to demand our rights until in the end we get them.”

Presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh said Saturday that there will be no agreement with Israel without East Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the State of Palestine...“We will not accept anything less than return of East Jerusalem in total and will not agree to erase...the refugees nor any other of the negotiations files in addition to release of all the prisoners,” 

You saw all those noes?
How many noes were there?
Four noes?
Let''s count the topics that are to be related to in the negative:
Jerusalem, in total.
Jewish state.
Other negotiation files (???).
No, more than four.
Palestinianism is negativity.
The leaders (as for the people, if Abbas is entering his fifth year of a non-elected status as President, - he was elected in 2005 - and they tolerate that, then maybe a general "they" is in order) do not seem to be truly interested in statehood but in denying Israel its statehood.  They don''t want land but rather seek to deny Israel any land.  They do not want a capital but desire to prevent Israel from being in its capital. 
If they presume to be able to get away with saying "no", perhaps "no" is all they should be told.