Want to be a movie star?



It seems that there are people who wish to be movie stars.


Already several persons have been interviewed for a new documentary (and we all know how The Gate Keepers turned out).


The film is being directed by Shimon Dotan.  He produced Hot House which, among other things, sympathetically profiles female terrorist Ahlam Tamini who murdered fifteen people, eight of them children, in the bombing of the Sbarro pizzeria on August 9, 2001. Dotan, referring to the terrorists, commented: “We owe them empathy.” 

His new film, The Settlers, is to be a two-hour documentary on the history of the Israeli settlements enterprise on the West Bank, and
will explore the origins of the settlements, the changes they have imposed on Israeli and Palestinian societies, and their impact on Middle Eastern and world affairs. The settlers are associated with xenophobia and religious zealotry. But little is known about the personal beliefs and stories of the settlers themselves.   Director Shimon Dotan’s research has uncovered growing influences on West Bank settlers that include interactions with French and American religious Jews and well organized evangelical Christians. He plans to explore the various forces that shape the lives of the settlers both externally and internally, and immerse himself in their midst to deliver a film from “within.” “This film,” Dotan said, “will be an exercise in listening.”
I think those highlighted portions indicate this is not a neutral or objective cinema.  The language is fearfully strident.
He again charaterizes is "documentary" so, read this:
    The Settlers is a documentary feature exploring the Israeli settlement-enterprise in the West Bank. It will unveil the dramatic origins of the settlements, the transformative changes they have imposed on the Israeli and Palestinian societies, and the forces, internal and external, that drive them.
And this, too:-
    With unparalleled access The Settlers will take viewers deep inside the international networks of messianic fanatics, true believers and political opportunists whose activism for West Bank settlements threatens to ignite the Middle East powder keg...
With those parameters, some of which resonate with anti-Semitic imagery of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the film appears to be one with a negative message.  This is how Dotan portrayed his creative effort before those who are funding his project.   He cannot but produce for them a biased screed of sensationalism and drama of the most unrepresentative kind.