He's Baskin in the money

Dr. Gerson Baskin, an extreme left-wing radical ''peace'' activist, has been promoting his role in the Schalit release.
He has now sent out this letter asking for donations to his institution, IPCRI:
Dear Friends,I had the amazing privilege to take part in opening a back channel for negotiations that succeeded with the signing of an agreement for the prisoners exchange that brought Gilead Schalit home. For almost all Israelis this was a day of unity, solidarity and celebration. On the Palestinian side, 1027 Palestinian prisoners are returning to their homes, where hopefully they will engage in normal lives and will turn their desires to take part in the Palestinian national struggle through non-violent means.I had the abilities to open this channel and to take part in the negotiations because of IPCRI. Without the institutional support of IPCRI and the 23+ years of experience I gained from developing and leading this institution, I would not have been in the position to achieve the prisoners’ deal.I am asking you once again to contribute to the ongoing activities of IPCRI. There is still much work ahead of us. For years I have been saying that I will bring Gilead Schalit home. For even longer I have said that we will bring peace, and we will! But we need your support.
I do not begrudge his financial requests. All NGOs require financial assistance.
However, if any of these released terrorists engage in future acts of terror and violence or become part of a terror-training/encouraging network, like Wafa a-Biss, what will Baskin do then?
Will he admit failure and return your donation? Would he dismantle his organization, IPCRI? As an activist, could he organize a demonstration, non-violent of course, outside the PA headquarters in Ramallah or even in Gaza City?  Will he simply beat his breast, not even if it''s on Yom Kippur?
Or just keep hoping, hoping that his ideologicall world-view will somehow be correct, that his grasp of who is the guilty party in the conflict will be overlooked, that his determination to favor the Arabs will be excused and ignored?
And what about the future terror victims?  What about us?