Highlight of Shiloh's memorial ceremony



This year''s ceremony highlighted four fallen, family members of Shiloh residents.
A grandfather, Isaac Knoller, who was killed at the Tel Aviv bus station in 1948 during an Egyptian bombing raid who was a Holocaust survivor who retrieved Jewish youth from monasteries and who lost a son during the 1948 fighting north of Jerusalem.
A husband, Ido Zolden, shot in a drive-by shooting near Kedumim, who was engaged in returning Jews to the construction profession.
An uncle, Tuvia Undsodorffer,  who was killed in the 1948 fighting at a site called Shllita.
A brother, Moshe Naftali, who was killed near Eilat during a terrorist raid in 2011 fulfilling his military command role.
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Our children''s instrumental group performed the HaTikva anthem and the Ani Maamin song:-