Sheep, sluts and the solipsism of Arab propaganda


My last post discussed the prohibition by Israel''s police of a parade of sheep in support of the dedmand that Jewish religious ritual be championed, if only in a symbolic march of the four-legged creatures through Jerusalem''s streets. 

I pointed out that Jerusalem (and other cities) permitted a "Slutwalk" and that sheep were marched through various European countries'' streets.

Well, to make sure you get the full picture, here is what Arab propagandists make of the story:


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Jewish settlers sneaked into the Aqsa mosque on Sunday morning and offered rituals on the eve of calls for breaking into the holy site.  Head of the information department at the Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage Mahmoud Abu Ata said in a press release that the Israeli occupation forces had reinforced military presence in the vicinity of the Aqsa mosque.

He noted that the step was taken after senior rabbis called for a walk from western Jerusalem to the Buraq plaza on Sunday.

He said that the marchers would take with them sheep heads to protest banning them from offering “sacrifices” at the site of the alleged temple.

Abu Ata said that the Israeli police said it would obstruct any attempt to break into the Aqsa mosque fearing clashes between those settlers and Jerusalemites.


Solipsism is the theory that the self is the only reality.  Arabs seems to think, in my interpretation, that whatever they say and report is not only true and real - even though it simply doesn''t exist - but that anyone who refuses to believe whatever outrageous sinister falsehood they purvey is to be maligned.  In this way, they cower all - diplomats, reporters, statesmen, donors.

No senior Rabbis were involved.

No sheep heads were to be separated from sheep bodies.

The increased security presence was to protect the Haram E-Sharif.

All is twisted.  All is misrepresented.  The portrayal is sinister in that it seeks to stir up violence.