State's Psaki: No, it wasn't terror

If you read this JPost story, you're missing something important, and that's why you need to also read bloggers.  A blogger like me.
Jen Psaki revealed something ominous.
No, not about US policy opposed to 'settlement construction', 'Jerusalem construction' and such, but about terror.  Specifically that of a 17-year old who was caught throwing firebombs at civilian vehicular traffic.
Do Arab terrorists have 'friends' over at State?
First, the latter half of her exchange with journalists yesterday:
QUESTION: To go back to Matt’s question about – were you aware when you put out the statement on Friday night that there were allegations that the Palestinian American teenager had been throwing – our story said a Molotov cocktail and it was – it had run before your statement came out. So didn’t you – did you know at the time when you put out the statement that there were allegations that he was engaged in violence?MS. PSAKI: Well, there were media reports, Arshad.QUESTION: Yes.MS. PSAKI: Beyond that, I don’t have anything to read out for you.QUESTION: Right, no. But I just wanted to get on the record that you knew about those reports when you put out the call for the speedy investigation.QUESTION: Matt – I mean Arshad, I’m happy to talk to our team and see if there’s more --QUESTION: But just to clarify what Matt was saying, and you said – you kind of said something but it was just very short --MS. PSAKI: Okay.QUESTION: -- you do not believe that this teenager was throwing Molotov cocktails. Is that right?MS. PSAKI: That’s – I don’t have any more to outline or confirm for you in terms of the circumstances.QUESTION: No, he said that you don’t believe that to be the case.MS. PSAKI: That’s not what I said.QUESTION: Do you? And you said no, you – no.MS. PSAKI: He asked me if we thought he was a terrorist, and I said no.QUESTION: Oh, okay.QUESTION: Is that no longer the case? Do you think you were too precipitous, perhaps, in issuing that statement condemning --MS. PSAKI: I think we’re going to have to move on now.
and to be complete, the first half:
MS. PSAKI: I will let you know if there’s more that we can convey.QUESTION: -- publicly for a speedy investigation. More than two days has gone by. A U.S. citizen is dead, and it --MS. PSAKI: I’m well aware. That’s why we put out the statement on Friday....QUESTION: Is the U.S. Government involved in the investigation? Have any – is the FBI involved in any way, or if this is the Israeli Defense Force --MS. PSAKI: Local authorities have the lead, Elise. Not that I’m aware of.QUESTION: Well – but, I mean, usually in the killing of an American citizen – I mean, usually the FBI or some other kind of U.S. law enforcement agency would be involved in the investigation. You’re just leaving it up to the Israelis to investigate these – supposed Israeli killing of an American citizen?MS. PSAKI: I will check to see if there are any U.S. officials involved.QUESTION: Jen, there was another U.S. citizen who was killed in – last week as well, a child. And you put out a statement --MS. PSAKI: We did.QUESTION: -- about that as well, Actually, a baby, I guess, is the correct --MS. PSAKI: Yes. A three-month-old baby.QUESTION: Yes. How is the investigation into that going?MS. PSAKI: I don’t have any updates on the investigations. I would encourage you all to ask the Israeli authorities that question....QUESTION: Hold on, Elise. Several months ago, there was a shooting – there was an incident involving a shooting of some Palestinian youths. They weren’t Americans, but you called at that time for an – this was the video, the one that was captured on videotape. Are you aware of the results of that Israeli investigation?...QUESTION: In the case of the Palestinian American teenager who was killed on Friday, are you – do you know the circumstances under which he was shot?MS. PSAKI: I don’t have any more details.QUESTION: There are – okay. The reason I ask is because there are reports out there that he was throwing Molotov cocktails at cars on a highway. And I’m wondering, if that is the case, would you have still been so speedy in putting out a statement and offering your condolences to the family? The argument that is being made by some in Israel is that this kid was essentially a terrorist. And you don’t agree with that, I assume, but I don’t know, so that’s why I’m asking.MS. PSAKI: Correct, we don’t. I don’t have any more details on the circumstances now.QUESTION: So you – does that – that would apply even if he was throwing Molotov cocktails?MS. PSAKI: I’m not going to speculate. I don’t have details to share....QUESTION: Well, I’ve got – I’ve got to get one more on this and then I’m done. There is a photograph of this teenager’s – this teenager being buried today, and he’s wearing a Hamas headband. It was put on him, obviously. Is that of concern at all to you guys?MS. PSAKI: I just don’t have any more on this particular case.QUESTION: Back to the baby. Can you – I mean, supposedly it was by Palestinian militants or whomever, not by the Israelis. Could you say or check whether – that the U.S. is involved in the investigation into the killing, into that car accident?MS. PSAKI: I will see if there is U.S. involvement in either of the cases.QUESTION: Thank you.
P.S.  and the video at 31:50.
Wow.  American diplomacy at work.
That should have been headlined.