Temple Mount under attack


This is how Muslims fabricate, incite and assure their violence is "understood" and "accepted" by the lib/prog camp.



First, they make up ridiculous claims about what we Jews are supposedly doing to the Temple Mount.
Or something silly, like falling trees.
Second, they use pejorative terms.
Storming.  Breaking in.  Talmudic rituals.
Third, they incite.
And fourth, they establish, despite all this propaganda of mendacious claims, a cognitive framework for ''justice'' of which they are ''deprived'' and then an announcement like this appears:
Hamas movement said that the occupation plans to Judaize Jerusalem and its attempts to build the alleged Temple will never be achieved, stressing that “Jerusalem will remain an Arabic and Islamic city and a capital of Palestine.” Hamas said, in a statement on Friday on the 12th anniversary of al-Aqsa Intifada, “we emphasize on our insistence on resistance as the way to protect al-Aqsa and the holy sites and to regain the national rights.
With this foundation of lies, they can kill, maim and injure at will.
And the world, the liberals, will express sympathy.  For the Muslims.  The Jews will be excoriated.
Temple/Jerusalem Denial will kick in.
This is how all sorts of evil processess begin.