The unmentionables of liberal totalitarianism

As Khaled Abu Toameh reported in this paper, journalists in the disputed territory comprising the area of the Palestinian Authority claim they are forbidden to publicize findings of a report issued by the Independent Commission for Human Rights which asserts that acts of torture, arrests and arbitrary detentions by PA, Hamas.  In that report, it seems that the Arab residents in the Palestinian Authority were subjected to an “almost systematic campaign” of human rights abuses by the PA and Hamas…"
I have tried to reflect on just what occurs to me  inreading that item of news, which is: in any objective value system, the immoralities of the Arabs who prefer to call themselves “Palestinians” as practiced against the Jews, the Christians and even their own people in this geographic area, the larger region and indeed, across the globe, actions commited in the past of the last century (including ) and their actions in the recent past, their incitement structure in schools and the media should negate any of their claims to exist in an independent state as a separate national grouping.  Their sins and crimes are horrific.  Hamas is worse than Fatah, Islamic Jihad worse than Hamas and Hezbollah worse still.  And they aren’t the only terrorists seeking the deaths of Jews and the eradication of Israel through the de-legitimization of Zionism.  And yet, that is not the case.  In fact, Jews seem to be portrayed as worse than Arabs.
Of all the politically astute people that should grasp that conclusion, the camp of the liberals, the progressives should understand that.  They do not.  Their campaign of anti-Zionism and ‘Israel critique’ is only increasing as the Arab side gets worse.  This behavior of the Arab side is basically off-limits.  It is quite politically incorrect to mention these unmentionables.
For example, Charles Small, an academic, may be out of a job.  Last year, his conference was attacked by the PLO for drawing attention to the anti-Semitism inherent in the Palestinian Authority’s activities and now, perhaps hoping for bigger contributions from (anti-Semitic?) Arabs, Yale is doing away with Small’s Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Anti-Semitism -- the only program of its kind in the country.  Yale has caved in to protect Arab vehemence, violence and viciousness.
Already last March, the theme of “liberals and Israel drifting apart ” began to gain traction.   In June, Peter Beinart attacked the American Jewish establishment and wrote that
obsession with victimhood lies at the heart of why Zionism is dying among America’s secular Jewish young. It simply bears no relationship to their lived experience [and] strikes most of today’s young American Jews as farce. But there is a different Zionist calling, which has never been more desperately relevant.
He joined Tony Judt and others, uncomfortable with their status as intellectuals and...Jews.
Ron Radosh at PJM points out that
“the June 6 issue of the New Yorker offers a lesson in how the groupthink of editors, writers, and journalists on the East Coast takes place. It reveals how they all have developed the same mindset about Israel, their view that the Jewish state bears the responsibility alone for all the travail in the Middle East”. 
The lead article by Hendrik Hertzberg, entitled “O’bama vs.Netanyhoo”, he notes:-
“reeks of self-righteousness, arrogance, and an overall know-it-all attitude. It is filled with the platitudes repeated so many times these...Israel, a great country, is its own worst enemy”.
And even ''worse'' is that, as I blogged,  Israelis, exercising their free and democratic rights, elect a more nationalist-leaning coalition, again and again, and in polls, accept the position that Israel should not return to the 1967 lines, should keep Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty and oppose transferring Temple Mount to Palestinian control.  The Holy Basin should remain wholly Israel.  Imagine that!
Those Diaspora liberals draw on the inimical influence of Israel’s home-grown anti-Zionists such as Amira Hass, for example, who promotes giving the ‘Nakba’ “its rightful place in teaching and education.”
It is one thing to have lost the way.  It is another to try to drag everyone else off the path. 
If these “liberals” succeed, they will have subjected Israel to a totalitarianism of thought and judgment that can only undermine not only an ideology but the lives of millions.
This is one truth I believe, that must be mentioned, and repeatedly so.