Their turn to compromise


We are informed that the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, one of the most undemocratic rulers around with his reelection or electoral defeat years overdue, proposing to hold 
negotiations with Israel for six months, during which time the Israeli government would freeze construction in the settlements.  Abbas said that the negotiations should start from the point where they ended during the era of former prime minister Ehud Olmert.
Getting straight to the point, since he had the chance to negotiate during a previous moratorium, there is no reason that Israel need up the compromise six-fold.  Abbas is the one who has to come up with another mechanism and one for which he is responsible.
For example, halting all anti-Israel and anti-Jewish incitement over PA media outlets.
A second observation is that Israel must put an end to the PA finagling in always demanding that negotiations begin at the point they ended.  The reason they end is because the Pals. Avoid any compromise on the major issues, especially land and the presumed right of return.  In avoiding compromise, they seek Israel’s further and continued yielding and giving in and up.
This must stop.  If the game is compromise, it is they who must do so.