We need The Forward not to go backward



Over at the left-wing - or is it liberal? - New York Jewish radical weekly, The Forward, where some friends of mine get published, Andrea Palatnik has a report on the ads in the subway stations zeroing in on Jihad.  Pamela Geller, also a friend, is pushing back.
It''s been termed the "battle of the billboards".
Her ad:
There is a case to be made pro and con, and that is the responsibility of a free and fair press.  Democracy is served, as is truth.  Media consumers can make a decision based on the information the report contains, just like in every reportage.
However, in reading the report, I do not see that any person who agrees with the ad campaign gets to explain their position.  It''s all the opposition. 
The reporter couldn''t interview a Jewish group supporting Geller''s ads?
Moreover, she writes in the plural - that there are Jewish groups and advocates who disagree with the campaign but there are only two spokespersons interviewed.  And they are not the biggest or most representatives that one could expect.
If I was her editor, I''d ask for a rewrite.
After all, The Forward is supposed to be a professional news outlet. We need it not to go backward. The issue raised, should Jews defend themselves against those exploiting the freedoms we all enjoy in a liberal democracy, even if some other Jews are critical, is an important one, one that, in the past, has caused us too much trouble.
Let''s hope the New Year will bring about the reorientation of the media, especially the Jewish media.
Gmar chatima tova - may we all merit a great sign in to the Book of Life.