7 Exclusive Ways to Make Our Body Summer Ready

With summer at such a close distance, it becomes imperative to prepare our bodies and get into that much-desired shape. Sporting a bikini is not something all women feel comfortable with but, if you will follow our advice, you will definitely enjoy the confidence that comes with making your body summer ready. In the paragraphs that follow, discover no less than seven exclusive ways to prepare yourself for summer. Go through all of them and make sure to give each a try, so that you can decide which one works the best, for your own individual situation.

#1 Massage with mustard oil

A massage with mustard oil can rejuvenate your skin and, performed on a regular basis, it can restore its natural glow. You might not be aware of it but this is also one of the best and most recommended home remedies for arthritis. So, if you also suffer from this condition, you will actually hit two birds with one stone. This particular type of massage can stimulate blood circulation, reducing inflammation at the same time. If you want to increase its efficiency, you can combine mustard oil with eucalyptus oil.

#2 Cardio workout

As the weather has definitely improved, it is time to take out your sporting equipment and get active. Cardio workouts are excellent for the body, especially after such a long winter. What matters is that you get your heart rate up and that you become accustomed to physical effort once more. Cardio workouts can include running, jogging, cycling, rowing and swimming – do not be afraid to mix them up, enjoying the benefits of express workouts at the same time. And, yes, have fun, as physical activity should not be seen as something mandatory or even boring.

#3 Seasonal fruits and veggies

Even though this might sound like the obvious thing to do, you need to educate yourself and switch to a healthy diet. Combined with the physical activity, this will definitely help you get in shape for the summer. Consume fruits and veggies that are in season, as these offer the highest amounts of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Among the most recommended choices, there are: strawberries, zucchinis, green beans, corn and raspberries. You can also consume nuts and seeds, as these are good sources of healthy fats, not to mention some of the best brain foods. So, you see, they are useful for both the body and the mind, as long as they are consumed in moderation.

#4 Avoid foods and beverages that lead to bloating

Carbonated beverages, refined sweets and dairy products are among the most common food products/beverages you should avoid. This is because they lead to bloating, which is not only uncomfortable but also unaesthetic. Replace carbonated beverages, sodas and even diet drinks with water, as this guarantees the best hydration and also helps your skin to stay beautiful. Avoid refined sweets and dairy products, replacing them with fresh fruits and veggies.

#5 Pay attention to portion sizes

During the winter, we tend to eat more generous portions of food, with carbs often representing the main food group on the plate. This is related to our genetic inheritance and the survival instinct during the cold season. However, many of us tend to maintain the same portion sizes during the warm seasons, which can lead to unnecessary weight gain. The perfect summer diet is the one that includes light meals, such as salads, grilled veggies or fresh fruit, preferably in smaller portions. Educate yourself to gradually reduce the size of your meals and, later, you will be thankful for having taken that decision.

#6 Take good care of your skin

As you come out of winter and into the warmer seasons, it is practically impossible not to notice the changes at the level of the skin. If you want your body to be summer ready, you need to take really good care of your skin. Go for general exfoliation, preferably with a homemade scrub, as this contains only natural ingredients. Use skin care products that are recommended for spring and summer, so that you do not suffer from additional problems (oily skin, acne breakouts etc.). Last, but not least, follow the three basic steps for proper skin care routine: cleansing, toning and moisturizing – all with adequate products for summer wear.

#7 Waxing

During the winter, you might be tempted to skip the waxing and resort to other procedures to get rid of unwanted hair (most commonly, shaving). However, as the weather becomes warmer and you are showing more skin, waxing begins to make sense all over again. Waxing will ensure that your skin stays smooth, for a prolonged period of time, not to mention it will keep the risk of infection and ingrown hairs down to a minimum. Keep in mind that, during the summer, there is a lot of perspiration and shaving is not recommended in such situations. Waxing remains the best choice for the perfect summer body.

In conclusion, these are a couple of ways, in which you can prepare your body for the summer and impress everyone with your appearance. As you have seen, these are quite easy to follow and they deliver exactly the results you expected in the first place.

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