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Four diets that prolong life, according to Harvard University

All four diets tested emphasized eating more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans.


Eating almonds daily can boost your recovery after strenuous activity

In a controlled trial researchers found that daily consumption of almonds leads to a change in metabolism and helps to recover faster.

Man with Hyperhidrosis sweating very badly under armpit

Can women sniff out single men?

Single men smell more intense and look more masculine to single women - but why?

This popular diet increases your risk of an early death by 30%

The intermittent fasting diet is considered very popular with many celebrities who claim it helped them lose weight. A new study found it could cause stress on the body and cause diseases.

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Too much salt can change the way you behave- study

New research highlights the effects of salt beyond physical health. Too much can change behavior, specifically amplifying stress.

A healthy Mediterranean meal

Mediterranean diet linked to lower preeclampsia risk in pregnant women - study

The team of researchers found that women who conceived while adhering to the anti-inflammatory diet had a significantly lower risk of developing preeclampsia.

What foods can slow down the aging process?

Some foods are beneficial and slow aging while others can be harmful and quicken the process.

Bottles of Heinz tomato ketchup of U.S. food company Kraft Heinz are offered at a supermarket

From ketchup to honey: these are the foods you should not store in the refrigerator

Refrigerating food usually helps it last longer - but food experts claim that there are some products that we should not store in the refrigerator

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Hanukkah: Eat healthier, live happier this winter - opinion

Here are a few tips for you to consider to get started on your healthy living and weight-loss journey to good health this Hanukkah.


Potatoes aren't unhealthy, you just have a bad diet - study

Potatoes have a bad reputation as unhealthy food, especially in regard to diabetes, but they don't actually raise the risk and aren't even unhealthy. It's all in preparation and dietary choices.

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