The Looming Crisis of Our Time

The collapse of North Korea, or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, will be the biggest humanitarian crisis of my generation. It’s essential world make cool headed decisions and put aside individual ambitions for minimal loss of life. There is no silver powers lining fix that will make everybody happy to ensure peace and harmony. Military action should always be the last resort, but we cannot afford to blink and ignore provocations that rogue nation like North Korea commit a missile launch. President Bill Clinton already pursued rigorous negotiations, only to be answered by North Korea restarting work on nuclear reactors. Even though an armistice was signed, the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea represents a clear and present danger to international security.

Over six generations of people are indoctrinated by a complex method of brainwashing. This ideology is one size fits all. If you fail to adapt you’re  classified a political prisoner and then enrolled in a specific labor camp or political prison. [Note: There is a labor camp in Siberia, Russia and a political prison in Eriteria.] Government educators are responsible for implementing the North Korean way of life, but the education comes in time released cycles throughout a person’s developmental years.

Due to this evaluation we must ask ourselves the real intentions of North Korea. While it’s a serious problem if unreasonable people have nuclear weapons in their inventory, North Korea already has enough conventional artillery to rain thousands of rockets on Seoul, Korea and Tokyo, Japan every hour. So North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction are to ensure the ruling family remains in power. The subcategories that need to be addressed is their genetically modified species and biological weapon factories. Because the world is running on empty and there isn’t a whole lot of natural resources left. Especially when accidents like Deep Water Horizon killed the majority of wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico.

This ultimately makes a first strike on North Korea more complicated, because the North Koreans are heavily reliant on 3G, 4G, and 5G LTE broadband connection. [Note: If North Korean defectors made it through the Chinese border undetected, we’d have to assume enemy agents bypassed the Chinese border Police and monitor western or South Korean military movements.]Ultimately this will force coordination between the United States, Chinese, Russians, and South Korean militaries. Because Korea is a small peninsula, civilian communication networks would need to get shut down and NATO would need to attack North Korea’s telecommunication network, through a denial of service attack and chaff. [Note: This is a counter measure used in World War II that interferes with radio waves.]

North Korea’s reliance on cellular data is a cyber warrior’s dream, since their programs are largely developed offline and consume minimal processes and have light data usage. This allows cyber warriors to rain havoc on critical infrastructure and public transportation. Since North Korea cyber armies are lone wolf warriors, they get embedded into their host nations and then activated when called upon.  [Note: It’s reasonable to suggest North Korea was behind Air Asia, Malaysia 370, and the incident in Ukraine. The United States and Chinese returned the North Korean regime to the list of state sponsors of terrorism on December 20, 2015.] All these incidents happened on either the 8th, 13th, or 20th of each month..

That's also why intercepting a North Korean drone volley through a laser on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles is a mistake. Since non autonomous craft have multiple access points. The Taliban can easily hack the cameras on Reapear drones. With the peninsula being tiny the North Korean government can easily use roaming signal to see their flight path. Then unleash hard to detect remote controlled drones and unleash chemical weapons by those drones.  The Korean peninsula is not very big, so that even if the South Koreans and Chinese shutdown their telecommunication systems, we’d be at risk of North Korea’s military deploying network extenders or embedding them in complex tunnel networks.

The other serious issue of concern is North Korea’s desire to acquire a High Altitude Electro-Magnetic Pulse weapon or (HEMP). It’s unlikely the North Koreans will  follow through on a working HEMP warhead, since this is relatively new technology. Fission tipped medium range ballistic missiles would pose a greater threat to the western hemisphere. Case on point:  in the 1960’s the United States conducted nuclear weapon testing on remote islands. The shockwave caused electrical interference, sixty miles away in Hawaii. North Korea launching a fission volley could potentially limit our retaliatory and first strike capabilities.

We’ll need to construct a quadrilateral missile defense shield by international contribution. Meaning countries from the United States, China, Indonesia, and Japan would participate in deploying missile defense platforms like the Israeli Arrow- II medium range ballistic missile interceptor, David Sling, AEGIS cruisers, and stealth vessels like the DDG-1000. Only have the North Atlantic Treaty Organization govern the under Department of Defense control so mutual trust between the ASEAN countries is established. Enabling a backup contingency plan if the first missile interception attempt fails. Intercepting a fission tipped ballistic missile in a twenty mile radius is essential. Since the shock wave could pose electrical interference and severely reduce the international community retaliatory capabilities.  


The next threat we’d have to address is North Korea’s genetically modified species factory, biological weapon inventory, and conventional hardware. This would involve ordering a flurry of bombing runs on N. Korea, as well as stealth attacks by Joint Special Operation Command (JSOC) units around the missile launch facilities. The JSOC units would be able to rain havoc on Korean soldiers manning these installations from undetectable locations.

This whole operation may cost innocent lives on both sides, however a successful collapse of North Korea will save the freedom loving world.

I’m firmly in favor of rigorous diplomacy and war being the last choice. President Bill Clinton pursued rigorous diplomacy with the North Korean regime and Chinese. We hoped for a peaceful resolution, but the North Koreans chose provocation and bellicose rhetoric over de-escalation. The escalation was proven by the North Korean military firing on the small South Korean island of Yeonpyeong. This operation against North Korea would be defensive and not preemptive. However defensive action, shown by military campaigns like Operation Protective Edge, may come with preemptive action.

Humanitarian work and assimilation cannot happen until a sense of stability is found in the Northern peninsula. Due to decades of mismanagement from the current North Korean government, relief missions will have no existing infrastructure to work with. All of it has to start from the ground up, but it cannot happen if there isn’t a functioning central government. The current government in North Korea does not care about its people, we’ll have to hold Nuremberg like trials on those individuals responsible for crimes against humanity. Then we would need to set up special zones to assimilate the remaining North Korean people into the South Korean way of life.