100 days of Trump and a crazed media

And it begins…with woman from majority liberal cities wearing vagina hats to protest Trumps anti-woman policies. Given the fact he hasn’t even been in office long enough to enact any policies other than getting cabinet picks through…they still found reason, rhyme and funds to protest. I wonder who funded this whole thing? Women were bused in from 20 some odd liberal cities. That’s not cheap, so obviously Soros funded the whole thing. But what is the reality? Is Trump really anti-woman? Does Donald Trump even have fighting Roe v Wade on his agenda? The answer is clear, and always has been clear, that no one is overturning Roe v wade, not Trump not anyone. Yes, he will pick a conservative supreme court justice to replace Scalia, but what’d you expect a liberal judge who believes the constitution to be outmoded. Republicans just won all three branches of government and control both houses of the legislative branch. Now, if the left had any iota of logic, they would extend an olive branch to the other side. But no no, you can’t expect pragmatism from radical ideologues; you can expect almost 80 of them to not even show up for the peaceful transition of power. I think the democrats keep forgetting who won the election, or have absolutely lost it. Because the way they’re acting, I don’t expect them to win anything anytime soon. The American people chose Donald Trump for a reason. They’re done with social engineering, they’re done with the berating of Americans and their principles, and they’re done being told they are racist, sexist or bigoted because they want a job to put food on the table. Assessing his first 100 days has become a media obsession to bash Trump on perceived failures. But again, what is the reality? Donald Trump promised to curb illegal immigration, and it is down some 40 odd percent since he’s take over, possibly more. He still hasn’t gotten funds for that big beautiful wall yet, but I’m sure he will in due time. The real story is that a President who simply choose to enforce the law, can have dramatic effects. Obama basically told the world, if you make it across the border we will catch you for about a day, and then we will release you within our borders for you to receive all those wonderful benefits. Of course people were going to come in droves when the president of this great nation basically invited them. The previous administration coddled illegals with promises of free houing, food stamps and even free college tuition. Low income American Citizens cannot afford 50-70 thousand dollar a year universities. And now states like California have just passed a bill that takes away scholarships from low income American families and diverts that money to illegal immigrants getting a full free ride to any university they so choose. It has become beneficial to be an illegal in America. Citizenship has become meaningless in California, and of course the left still wonders why they lost the election…all three branches of the federal government. They got shellacked, and that’s putting it nicely. Its policies such as the one I just mentioned are the biggest reasons people are running from the democrat party in droves. In Donald Trump’s first five business days as POTUS, he was able to put a moratorium on all federal hiring sans military. Most importantly, he is stripping away burdensome regulations that have slowed our economy to a measly 1 percent growth for some time now. Over- regulation was always my biggest concern, and the very fact that he’s doing away with these often useless and pointless regulations is already a huge win for the business community. Regulations were being made under the previous administration just for the sake of making regulations. Tax reform needs to happen as well, but doing away with these utterly ridiculous, time consuming regulations is going to be a bigger driver of growth in the economy than Tax Reform. Small Businesses now actually have a chance to compete with established companies who have armies of lawyers and accountants to follow each and every regulation the government creates. Now that his first 100 days is officially over, we can now say without a doubt that the mainstream media works for the Democratic party. The mainstream media on one side of its mouth calls the president a petulant child while on the other they demand he respect them? Please, I wouldn’t give them the time of day either after hearing some of the things they say about him day in, day out. The real losers is the American people. We no longer get fair and balanced news, we get a bunch of democrat donors screaming on T.V about how much they hate Trump. This isn’t news, or newsworthy at all, and they still claim to be impartial which is the biggest joke of all. All in all, Donald Trump is doing a decent Job. I surely don’t regret my vote, and I can probably say that 90 plus percent feel the same way.