A false narrative and a risky proposition

    How can we deny the will of the people. Level headed conservatives should either be concerned or optimistic with how well Trump is doing.There's still a lot of people running, so when a few more drop out and if he remains on top, he's going into Iowa the front runner.
  At this moment I feel Marco Rubio is the best candidate, along with Dr. Carson to win the general election. Trump can barley go an hour without saying something ludicrous and borderline offensive.  I still remain unconvinced that he can win the general election. Truth be told, that is the goal, the republicans need to win in 2016.
   The media loves to claim how diverse the Democratic Party is, well let's take a look at their presidential candidates. Old self obsessed white lady Hillary Clinton, Bernie sanders, crazy old white socialist, Martin O.malley, middle aged white guy, and possibly cool classless, another old guy as well. Sure looks like diversity to me.
   Let's take a look at the republican candidates, Trump, wealthy middle to late aged white realtor. Dr. Ben Carson, youngest black neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins ever. Marco Rubio, born of Cuban dissidents, Ted Cruz, also of Cuban decent, and Carly Fiorina, an enigmatic middle aged women who once ran on Fortune 500 company, and Jeb Bush.
    You tell me which party looks more diverse. I hate to generalize candidates in the way I just did, and I must apologize for having to do so and look at things so genellrally as the media would. Skin color, religion matter none at all to me. It is their vision, it is their principles, their values that will have me convinced. I could care less if the person I believe in is Hispanic white black Jew whatever, the media panders to specific group much throughout election time, we are all Americans at end of day, are we not? 
  We want to sustain a growing and better future for coming generations. The people feel a rapid regression while the progressives hold power. Progression towards a harmful end is in no way a good thing. With Hilary's campaign already nearing an end, even with a hard rally around her I don't see a democrat winning in 2016 unless someone like Trump provokes or turns people the wrong way. This is why I'm weary of his rise, the republicans have the upper hand and are in good position to take bake the White House. Maybe Trumps message will turn positive maybe it won't, but is it worth the risk finding out.