A no hope congress

      What was the point-what did we get-these republicans are no different than their democratic counterparts. This will be Trump's ticket to the nomination because the people are absolutely done with the establishment. It shouldn't even exist to them, they feel betrayed and they have reason. Almost every special interest group with enough money to have a lobbying office in Washington got what they wanted plus a little extra in the latest omnibus. The government has zero regard for the people's money, they are no better then wall st when it comes to throwing money around. Who in their right mind would ever ask a politician to balance their books-no body. 
    That's it, Washington is so far removed from the people that I fear we are in the midst of great change. An experiment was held the other day, where a gentlemen walked up to children at the prestigious Yale university that has produced five U..S presidents and Ten Supreme Court justices, to sign a petition to just do away with the first amendment. They obliged. Yup, that same first amendment that protects their right to sign that petition, they actually signed. The same one that protects the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, protest, and petition. They were kids, and they are being manipulated to willingly give up their rights. It is bashed in their heads all day what's wrong with America, that they forget what's so right with America. So much so that they would give up our basic fundamental rights.
      My family couldn't be openly Jewish in the former Soviet Union, and if you weren't born into wealth-you had to-lets just say-do things that didn't always coincide with the law just to get by. Socialism and fascism are synonymous, one cannot exist without the other. If you spoke about the government negatively- you went to the gulag-most likely never to be seem again. My father coming to America with very little was able to propel himself to a substantial position within his profession, going to a no name university. He was a Jew from Russia, in the 80s, this was no easy feat. But American freedom allowed for people to look past that, allowed for people to be judged on the content of their character, the merits of their hard work. That's freedom-that's America. We are different and the very fabric of the American idea is being torn apart by a cowardly left and a complicit establishment right. 
    The people know ISIS is a threat-they know they are exploiting our refugee resettlement program-so what did congress do? They issued three hundred thousand new visas. This is openly questioning the intelligence of the American people. Forget about the cost, this is an immediate national security threat that congress just exasperated. Why not start digging our own graves? I don't understand the justification behind bringing people here who simply don't share our ideals. In America it is incomprehensible to kill someone who is not of your faith-a large majority of these "refugees" believe in this ideal. It's crazy, it's like having diabetes and eating sugar all day-you wouldn't do it if you were a rational thinking man or women. But they did, and thank God for our founders- for ensuring our second amendment right and blame our current representatives for this problem. A large majority of these people believe women to be second class-do you? Tell the truth about these people-what they believe in-tell the truth. Now more guns have been purchased than any other time in the history of America-the number one reason for that, the current president. I believe there is no better way to thwart terrorist attacks than by allowing responsible gun owners a conceal and carry permit across the fifty states. This president has already allowed so many that we cannot track them, almost ensuring another attack to be inevitable, we cannot be sitting ducks when they come. 
    They have polling data from majority Muslim populations(I'm too lazy to google to the link right now but you could find it with little effort, the numbers speak for themselves), they know the existential threat they pose, yet they do it anyway based on some false notion of "racism." It is not racist to be against bringing in people who believe in what these people believe in-it is common sense. Bill Maher, who I would disagree with on a range of issues, even he openly acknowledges this issue. I praise him for that, because I don't know if anyone else will get through to these leftist intellectuals who find every little excuse to protect these people and their radical fundamentalist views. He made Ben affect look like a child. Much like the progressives of today-calling anyone willing to point out facts about Muslims to be "racist," repeatedly when Maher was simply giving him facts. I never knew Muslims were a race but whatever it was Ben Affleck, what do you expect. Nonetheless there are prominent leftists out there that openly acknowledge this issue and I would like to give them their credit. 
    Congress's power lies with the people, it is supposed to be the people's house, and they are acting directly against the best interest of the people. The senate is filled with endless debates that goes no where, and the house just hands them bills literally written by special interest groups lawyers, acting directly against the people. Only 109 republicans voted for this bill, the democrat caucus passed this bill, it is a democrat written bill passed by an alleged conservative speaker. If they continue on this path, if they continue spending money we do not have, I don't believe the people will take it lying supinely on their backs. Think about what a 20 trillion dollar debt means, if the government were to have a surplus of 500 billion a year it would take forty years to pay off our debt-not including the interest accrued. And the idea that our government would actually cut spending enough to get that surplus is simply never going to happen. 
    Congress no later than yesterday better start acting like they represent the American people and not everyone else or this country will see another revolution. Unbelievable, they all deserve to be fired.