Brazil elections: Bolsonaro-Lula presidential race down to the wire, polls show

Surveys by pollsters Datafolha and Quaest both showed Lula with 52% of valid votes against 48% for Bolsonaro, down from a 6 percentage-point lead three days prior.


Israeli students win international debate competition

Winners Tamar Ben Meir and Hadar Goldberg from the Tel Aviv University Debate Team took the gold at the competition's finals on Friday.

Garbage in, garbage out: What passes for an Israeli-Palestinian debate at Harvard

On campus, Israel-bashing today is like wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt was 20 years ago – it’s tribal and trendy.


There must not be a second Nakba - editorial

Itamar Fleischman suggested that the best way to deal with Palestinian nationalist sentiment in Israel was to make them live in constant fear.

Israel to air kids' COVID vaccine debate live, here's how it will work

The Health Ministry hopes to build trust by making the kids' vaccine debate public.

Israeli team wins world debate championship for third year in a row

Tel Aviv University's Gil Peled and Assaph Hannany, who competed in the English Second Language side of the debate, came out on top after a grueling week with 12 rounds of nonstop argumentation.

YouTube takes down debate on vaccinations

By taking down our debate while leaving up many false statements, YouTube conveys the impression that they somehow validate the truth of everything they don’t take down.

Summarizing Israel's election through a song - opinion

A ‘sticker song’ that rolls campaign clichés and slogans into a dirge on our political jam.

Public speaking: The power of Israel's next generation of leaders

It is no surprise that Israeli students have fared well in international competitions.

Jon Ossof

Jon Ossoff’s debate zingers, remarks about antisemitism, go viral

“First, you were lengthening my nose in attack ads to remind everybody that I’m Jewish,” Ossoff said. “Then when that didn’t work, you started calling me some kind of an Islamic terrorist."

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