An under appreciated Netanyahu

       People forget the circumstances of the Arab Spring-the existential threat it posed and continues to pose for Israel in succeeding in destabilizing the region. Pm. Netanyahu, showing true leadership, flew to Moscow instantaneously to discuss immediate protocol, logistics, and actions to prevent any accidental confrontation between the two powerful regional players-after Russia decided to play a larger role in Defeating ISIS after the massacre in Paris and the bombing of his own Russian jetliner over Egypt.
        It's almost forgotten that not long ago the Muslim brotherhoods Morsi ruled over the largest Islamic nation in the Arab world. His intentions were concise, his hatred for Israel clear and If not for el Sissi recognizing that this terrorist organization will cause conflict in which Egypt would be devastated-made the popular(even under U.S pressure from the White House to leave Morsi alone) move and deposed the terrorist organization that was bound for confrontation with Israel. Netanyahu played an enormous behind the scenes effort,  in order to ensure the overthrow of the terrorist organization Muslim brotherhoods and its leader Morsi. And again working tirelessly to normalize ties with Egypt-which have largely succeeded. 
     I don't know another Israeli politician living today-that would've been able to handle the existential threat the Arab Spring posed, as well as an American president eager to give the number one ranked terrorist supporting nation in the world, a nuclear bomb. This was an enormous issue for the Pm. and the Israeli people, and I believe he could've done some things differently, but largely succeeded in his task.
   And with the limited power he had diplomatically over this issue, he was still able to insert himself into the debate. So much so, that the speaker of the house called for a joint session of congress. Something reserved for only our must trusted loyal allies(notice how it was congress who invited Netanyahu and not Obama), rarely done for state visitors, and never have they showed so much support for Israel or any nation since Churchill pleaded congress to declare war on the nazi empire. Netanyahu, again, displaying a highly advanced view on diplomacy and realistic goals you can accomplish between differing nations.
    Netanyahu kept the nation together in times that only worked against him, yet he still found ways for Israel to thrive while the region was in chaos. He is not perfect, no politician is. A politician is to be judged by the choices he made in critical times, and the last six years Netanyahu proved his ability to lead the Jewish people in times of crisis and still find was to help the economy. Turkey is in desperate need for Israeli gas, (as Putin held to his guns and completely ended all diplomatic and economic ties with turkey) paving the way for an economic resurgence for Israel by hopefully charging Turkey exorbitant fees as we have cornered the market, and to normalize relations for other economic endeavors. Israel is on the rise on all fronts and Netanyahu deserves his credit for leading the people in such trying times.