Six more Israelis dead, many others targeted as Israel continues to deal with the latest round of Islamic terrorism. Not one nations leader of state has condemned the attacks, and certainly haven't lit up Israeli colors in solidarity with the Israeli people. The world continues to dismiss terrorism against Israel and it is time for Israel to respond.
    How many Israelis have died in order to obtain priceless knowledge in security. If EU leaders continue to dismiss Israeli blood being spilled, and continuing their anti-Semitic BDS campaign, than it is time to charge them at least 1000 percent of what Israel currently charges for security knowledge in tactics. Israel is one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world, if the EU continues to treat the Israeli government with condescension, than Israel should look elsewhere for business. 
     Israeli technology is a hot commodity, and there are plenty of markets in South America and Asia to do business with.
   Another six dead, bringing the total to 19 in a span too few days to mention. At least one Israeli civilian was able to drive over one of the suspected terrorist, not sure if he subdued him, but a glimmer of hope nonetheless never hurts during times like these. The people need to fight back, however, mob lynching is not the way to go. Often times I hear of innocent men being almost lynched to death and that is not our character. If you believe the terrorist is located, subdue them and call the proper authorities. But fight back if capable, run if unable to return equal force. Israel is under constant threat from these knife wielding cowards, stabbing the most vulnerable, a young thirteen year old girl, and running. Harsher penalties for any terrorist, must be considered in order to protect the citizenry. 
    The hatred in these people run so deep that they even stabbed to death one of their own just because the terrorist thought he was Jewish. The threat of radical Islam is all to real for the Israelis, and after the recent surge in attacks maybe it's time to reevaluate how to adequately protect the citizenry. Something's not working, maybe training the soldiers in profiling potential knife wielders would be a start, but something must be done, and fast. 
   A conceal and carry for army reservist should be considered to have skilled citizens subdue terrorists before he has the ability to mortally wound any Israeli. The people of Israel have had enough already, if the PA is inciting this violence against Israeli citizens, than actions against the PA must be taken.