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As I See It: What that Farrakhan picture tells us about antisemitism

The Left created “victim culture” because it wanted a free pass to throw off the shackles of responsible behavior.

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu meet at the Trump tower

A new Israeli-American dialogue for the Trump era

The two governments, the one in place and the other still in formation, have already begun their dialogue.

Obama delivers his final address to the United Nations General Assembly

The globalist: Barack Obama’s legacy in the Middle East

America’s 44th president was never able to reconcile his expectations with the reality of Israel.


Letters to the Editor: Readers weigh in on Trump and Obama

Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for over 3,000 years, and Jews have always been there.

US President Barack Obama concludes his farewell address in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. January 10, 20

A skeptical Israel not willing to put its money where Obama’s mouth is

Obama leaves office having wanted Israel to live up to his lofty ideals. The public’s response: ‘No thanks.'

obama abbas netanyahu

65% of Jewish Israelis say Obama pro-Palestinian, Trump only 3%

These findings mark the biggest gap – 55% – between those saying Obama is pro-Palestinian than those saying he is pro-Israeli in the 12 polls The Jerusalem Post has run on the topic.

Barack Obama

No Holds Barred: Obama and Israel: The final insult

What a tragedy for the legacy of Barack Obama, whose countless assurances of “having Israel’s back” have proven worthless.

U.S. President Obama greets President-elect Trump in the White House Oval Office in Washington

Dershowitz: Trump was right to try to stop Obama

President Obama’s lame duck attempt to tie the hands of his successor is both counterproductive to peace and undemocratic in nature.

US Senate

Senators pile on pressure to stop Obama abstention on UN Israel resolution

"An abstention is not good enough. The administration must veto this resolution."

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