Illegal immigration

 Illegal immigration has become one of the most talked about problems facing America today, and a lot of people will vote based on a candidates position on this issue. Trumps words were offensive, but he nonetheless touches on a subject many American feel very strongly about. America is in decline, yet we are taking in a massive influx of immigrants. This is a recipe for disaster, America can't have people losing jobs to foreign workers at the rate we have now, and expect Americans to just accept it.
     When America is experiencing unprecedented growth, maybe you can justify the surge in immigration. The opposite is occurring, Americans are more dependent on the government then they have ever been in its history. Over 49 percent of Americans live in a household that receives some form of government benefits, having half of the country supplicate the other half of the country, is certainly unsustainable.
    The "real" unemployment rate is over fifteen percent, and 67 percent of all jobs created under Barak Obama have gone to illegal/legal immigrants. How can anyone justify taking in a massive influx of illegal immigrants, on top of those legally immigrating, while our own people are suffering. The governor of California has decided to put the education and healthcare of illegal immigrants over his own constituency. Huntington Park, California went even further and appointed two illegal immigrants to serve as commissioners on the city advisory board. 
    It's an abhorrent policy, one that should be held with nothing less than contempt, as this administration has chosen to give precedence to non-American citizens over American citizens. This has nothing to do with Latinos, as many of them are exceptional individuals who have assimilated very well into their new American homeland. It is about America taking care of Americans first.
      The very fact that sanctuary cities exist should be alarming for every American. There's no longer any doubt that this administrations illegal immigration policy is nothing short of sinister. There's a right way to do things, and there's a wrong way. Applying for citizenship, waiting like millions of Americans have done and continue to do, (including my own family), for the government to properly vet you, is the right way to deal with immigration. To take in each and every individual that makes it into America, either by crossing the border or overstaying their visas, is not only the worst way to go about immigration, it is incredibly incompetent.
     66 percent of likely voters believe securing the border holds precedence over amnesty. 59 percent of likely voters believe in cutting off federal funding to sanctuary cities. Candidates running for president, who fail to acknowledge this issue, do so at their own peril. 
    Our current president has and will only exasperate the problem. The people of this great nation are expecting a republican congress to do its job, hold a check on the executive branch and their open border policies. 
    If the government can secure the border, and generally cut illegal immigration by at least 80 percent, than maybe the people will support legal status for those who are here. Amnesty without solving the problem is non-starter, at least while republicans hold congress.