Misplaced loyalty

  In the past, American Jewry at least had some justifiable reason for their unequivocal support for the democrats, as of today I have yet to hear a decent reason for still supporting a party that has just decided to give Iran the means to which build an army capable of causing irreparable damage to the only democracy of the Middle East, the peoples beloved ally, Israel. 
  I say the people, because the democrats have turned their back on Israel. It took back room deals and loads of special interest promises of taxpayer money to even convince the democrats to back the deal. An administration that swore on transparency, has achieved not a single law without in adequate amount of promises of federal grants from the White House in return for support.
      What remains clear is the overwhelming support amongst the general public for Israel. I know the BDS movement has gained momentum with college campus teens, however, teens are easily manipulated on where to draw their anger.  They, do not represent the majority, who represent their hardworking, god loving, self defending parents who understand the Middle East isn't as complex as they make it seem. 
    Israel stands for what is right on this earth and it's enemies surely stand for persecution of women, homosexuals, really anyone different than their fundamentalist view of the religion in which they practice. Of course is not everyone, there are moderates "supposedly." But they have had little to none effect on the Middle East. The religious authority under Khomeini has held unchecked power, and there's no question as to what he desires, Israel's and America's imminent destruction.
   Dumbfounded, I cannot believe American Jews will so easily forsake Israel to align with their party. Would American Jews have supported the democrats in 1860 when they caused a civil war for slavery? I cannot stand blind support for party, it shouldn't be about left or right, rather right or wrong. 
  They tell us not to worry about Iran's rhetoric, but their actions have only mirrored their words. They tell us we will have the ability to inspect whenever we choose, how come we haven't been given full access before any deal is in place? Promises, promises for concessions, this administration has either been bamboozled or willfully ignorant to this Islamic nations true intentions. They do not seek peace with the west and their Judeo-Christian culture, at the moment they just don't have the means to take it on. 
   In arms race has already begun I'm the Middle East, it will only be a matter of time before a rogue nation retrieves the bomb. 
  Netanyahu has decided to take on Obamas administration, but he should focus his attention on consolidating support amongst the American people, who have shown in great numbers their opposition to such a deal that does nothing to ensure the safety of our allies and the Middle East as a whole.
    Obama lives on another planet, where Islam is of peaceful means, and our enemies "deep"inside absolutely adore us. A fantastical view on reality, our enemies dream of our destruction, they just know they have really not much of a chance as of today. Our governments overestimate the Iranian threat, they know militarily they stand defeated against Israel alone, that is why Iran so eagerly pursues the bomb. This administration continues to use fear as if Iran is a threat to us if we don't pass this deal. No mr. President Iran only becomes a threat with the bomb, that is why it's so bemusing watching your relentless pursuit of giving Iran the means to achieve that very goal.  Without it they could never achieve their ultimate goal of Israel's destruction which has been made clear this past week with top Iranian officials conceding their desire for Israel to be no more. 
    We can only hope they see what what we see. Why war when we could have peace and let our young live and thrive? Israel has always brought reasonable demands to the table. An admission of its existence, an acknowledgement of Israel's military strength as merely defensive measures. Israel asks for peace, but it rightly believes their offer has not been received in kind. 
     The argument remains to this disillusioned administration, what, if anything, has Iran done to make us believe that they are earnest when dealing with us. Why make concessions until they actually show us change, why make them stronger while they still have leaders who see America and Israel as their enemy?
     The administration needs to answer these questions, and tell the American people how lifting sanctions and opening up the global Economy makes Israel or America safer.